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Physical Education edTPA Online Preparation Guide

Physical Education edTPA Online Preparation Guide

$52.95 CAD


Product Format
    edTPA Physical Education, a teacher performance assessment tool that appraises teaching quality and effectiveness, is now used in 41 states and in Washington, D.C. In a growing number of states (17 as of 2019), it is now a requirement that preservice physical educators pass the edTPA Physical Education (PE) assessment in order to become certified to teach in K-12 schools.

    This assessment is challenging for PETE students, but now preservice physical educators have a resource to help them prepare. A new web study guide, the Physical Education edTPA Online Preparation Guide, will help them understand the requirements of the PE edTPA, apply the components of edTPA to the unique discipline of physical education, and use their knowledge and skills to successfully complete the edTPA during their student teaching.

    This handy resource offers practical, step-by-step instructions for preparing for and passing the edTPA—instructions written by a former certified edTPA scorer and assisted by students who have passed the assessment. It also will enable PETE instructors to increase the edTPA passing rate of their students by helping them understand the assessment requirements, align their course outcomes and activities with those requirements, and incorporate assessments that are in sync with edTPA scoring. The guide includes many examples for instructors to effectively use the material and offers them support as they help their students prepare to pass the assessment.

    A key feature of Physical Education edTPA Online Preparation Guide is its videos. This resource offers the following:
    • More than 60 minutes of video, covering how to prepare for each component of the edTPA, utilizing the author’s step-by-step digital workbook approach
    • Two 20-minute videos that serve as exemplars of edTPA Task 2 (instructing and engaging students in learning)
    • Six videos that serve as exemplars of work samples for Task 3 (assessing student learning)
    • One 7-minute video showing a sample cooperating teacher conference
    These videos are invaluable in helping students prepare for the assessment. The clips offer a guided tour of how to pass the edTPA and numerous examples to help students prepare their own videos and written work, which are required to pass the assessment. The digital workbook provides students a checklist that they can use to stay on track as they prepare for the edTPA.

    In addition to the videos and digital workbook, the authors provide a wealth of tips to guide students past common roadblocks to passing the edTPA Physical Education assessment.

    The Physical Education edTPA Online Preparation Guide is a low-cost, practical, and highly valuable tool for students and instructors alike. Students who use the guide will gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to pass the assessment and move on to fruitful careers as physical educators.


    Reference for physical education teacher education (PETE) students and preservice K-12 physical educators.
        Overview of the edTPA
        How to Use This Guide
        Plan for Success
        Step 1: edTPA Materials
        Step 2: Conference With Cooperating Teacher
        Step 3: Context for Learning and Preassessment
        Step 4: Writing the Central Focus
        Step 5: Lesson Plans
        Step 6: Instructional Materials
        Step 7: Assessments
        Step 8: Planning Commentary
        Step 9: Video Recording
        Step 10: Video Clips
        Step 11: Instruction Commentary
        Step 12: Student Work Samples
        Step 13: Evidence of Feedback
        Step 14: Assessment Commentary
        Step 15: Evaluation Criteria
        Step 16: Self-Evaluation With Rubrics
        Task 1—Exemplar for Elementary School: Striking
        Task 1—Exemplar for High School: Ultimate Frisbee
        Task 2—Exemplar for Elementary School: Throwing and Catching
        Task 2—Exemplar for Middle School: Basketball
        Task 3—Exemplar for Elementary School: Football
        Task 3—Exemplar for High School: Volleyball
        Essential Skill Practice: Task 1
        Essential Skill Practice: Task 2
        Essential Skill Practice: Task 3
        Essential Skill Practice: Academic Language
        Essential Skill Practice: Educational Research and Theory
        Additional PETE Faculty Resources
        Human Kinetics Textbooks
    Rebekah Johnson, MSE, is department chair and an assistant professor in the exercise and sport science department at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Her area of expertise is in physical education teacher education, with a focus on teacher effectiveness, and she is licensed to teach physical education, health education, and adaptive physical education. She has presented and designed coursework for the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) and mentors and advises teacher candidates at Carthage College.

    Johnson is on the board of Wisconsin Health and Physical Education (WHPE) and currently is vice president of its college and university division. She has presented several times at the WHPE state conference and has presented at SHAPE America conferences and in the organization’s webinars. Johnson is a former certified edTPA scorer.

    Nicholas Brummitt is a graduate of Carthage College who teaches elementary physical education for Schaumburg District 54 in Illinois. During his time at Carthage College, Nicholas worked as a student assistant for the exercise and sport science department. He assisted in edTPA conference presentations at the state and national levels. In addition, he served as the senior editor for the edTPA website, which averaged 500 users per month.

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