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Outdoor Leadership-2nd Edition

Outdoor Leadership-2nd Edition

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    Outdoor Leadership, Second Edition, is the definitive text for developing student leadership in outdoor and adventure settings throughout the world. Crafted by an author team internationally recognized for their research, teaching, and experience in outdoor and adventure leadership, this new edition provides students with the foundational knowledge they need to develop as competent professionals in the field.

    Grounded in Eight Core Competencies
    Through Outdoor Leadership, Second Edition, students are introduced to eight core competencies that the authors consider essential to outdoor leadership:
    • Foundational knowledge
    • Self-awareness and professional conduct
    • Decision making and judgment
    • Teaching and facilitation
    • Environmental stewardship
    • Program management
    • Safety and risk management
    • Technical ability
    This unique approach to outdoor and adventure leadership will help students meet current professional standards in the field as they prepare for careers in education and recreation. The students move step by step through the materials and assignments, gaining and demonstrating leadership competencies, which they will document through a portfolio of their course experiences. The development of these portfolios is a highly practical and valuable takeaway for students looking to get a leg up as they ready themselves for their careers.

    New to the Text
    This latest edition of Outdoor Leadership offers new features, material, and resources, including:
    • The expertise and perspectives of new author Marni Goldenberg
    • A new chapter on program assessment
    • A new chapter on developing cultural and social justice competencies as an outdoor leader
    • A redistribution of the content on values and ethics (formerly a single chapter) across multiple chapters
    • An increased emphasis on international perspectives
    • A stronger focus on outdoor leadership in the area of ecotourism
    • Revisions to address critical issues in the evolving field of outdoor and adventure leadership
    • New ancillaries, including an instructor guide (which includes learning and portfolio activities for each chapter, as well as other new learning experiences), a test package, and a presentation package
    Emphasizing Both Theory and Practice
    While primarily directed at novice outdoor leaders, Outdoor Leadership, Second Edition, is useful for more experienced outdoor leaders as well, including administrative and supervisory personnel in outdoor leadership organizations. The authors have created a balance between theory and practice as they explore the eight core competencies by doing the following:
    • Introducing students to a wide variety of theories and concepts integral to outdoor leadership
    • Using chapter-opening vignettes to illustrate the theories and concepts addressed in the chapter
    • Acquainting readers with numerous organizations and agencies in which outdoor leaders work
    • Offering a series of learning activities and professional development exercises to transform the theoretical into the practical
    Preparing Students for Successful Careers
    The result is a highly useful resource that grounds students in the theories, concepts, and competencies that they need in order to be successful leaders in outdoor and adventure settings. This competency-based approach will help aspiring outdoor leaders plan safe, enjoyable, and ecologically responsible expeditions; acquire and showcase their leadership abilities, culminating in a professional portfolio; and develop the knowledge and expertise they need to be effective leaders.

    Table of Contents

    Introduction: A Competency-Based Approach to Outdoor Leadership

    Part I Foundations of Outdoor Leadership
    Chapter 1. The Journey Begins
    Chapter 2. History of Outdoor Leadership
    Chapter 3. Outdoor Leadership as Professional Practice
    Chapter 4. Cultural and Social Justice Competency in Outdoor Leadership

    Part II Outdoor Leadership Theory
    Chapter 5. Theories of Leadership
    Chapter 6. Leadership in Practice
    Chapter 7. Decision Making and Judgment

    Part III Teaching and Facilitation
    Chapter 8. Understanding Facilitation
    Chapter 9. Facilitating Personal Development
    Chapter 10. Facilitating Interpersonal Development
    Chapter 11. Challenge Course Leadership
    Chapter 12. Teaching Strategies

    Part IV Natural Resource and Program Management
    Chapter 13. Parks and Protected Areas Management
    Chapter 14. Environmental Stewardship
    Chapter 15. Program Management
    Chapter 16. Safety and Risk Management
    Chapter 17. Expedition Planning
    Chapter 18. Assessment and Evaluation

    Outdoor Leadership Organizations
    About the Authors


    The instructor guide includes learning and portfolio activities from each chapter. The guide also includes new assignments, class projects, and glossary terms.

    The test package includes multiple-choice, true-or-false, fill-in-the-blank, short-answer, and essay questions for each chapter.

    The presentation package provides a visual learning tool for each chapter by pulling out the most important concepts and information. Text slides list key points and cover the major topics in each chapter. Select figures and tables represent the outstanding graphics found in the text. The presentation package has 350 slides that can be used directly with PowerPoint to print transparencies and slides or to make copies for distribution to students. Instructors can easily add, modify, or rearrange the order of the slides.

    All ancillary materials for this text are FREE to course adopters and available online at