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Optimal Muscle Training - Paper

Optimal Muscle Training - Paper

$34.95 CAD


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    Have you stopped experiencing increases in strength and mass? Do you equate the bench press with shoulder pain? If so, your body may not be functioning at 100 percent. Optimal Muscle Training is a unique book and DVD package that will show you how to achieve the highest level of function.

    The book provides information on how your body develops imbalances, how testing can pinpoint problems, and how specific training to correct imbalances will optimize muscle function. The DVD enhances the information presented in the book with over 100 practical exercises and three levels of muscle testing that you can use in developing an individualized training program.

    This fully integrated package allows you to learn the subtleties of muscle testing and exercises. Optimal Muscle Training—with its testing procedures, technical instructions, anatomical considerations, exercise demonstrations, and training guidelines—is one powerful training tool.

    Chapter 1: The Anatomy of Optimizing Strength
    Chapter 2: Assessing Weight-Training Readiness
    Chapter 3: Linking Muscles to Exercise Movement
    Chapter 4: Analyzing the Risk-Benefit Ratio of Weight-Training Exercises
    Chapter 5: Designing Training Programs for Optimal Strength

    Ken Kinakin is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, a chiropractor, and a certified personal trainer. He has competed in bodybuilding and powerlifting for more than 20 years. He regularly lectures across Canada, the United States, and Europe to doctors, therapists, and personal trainers on weight training, rehabilitation, and nutrition. He has lectured at NSCA, was Can-Fit-Pro's Canadian Presenter of the year, and presents regularly for rehabilitation and certification seminars. Kinakin is on the Canadian Powerlifting Medical Committees. He maintains a clinic with a rehabilitation and training center in Mississauga, Ontario, where he treats everyone from the general public to world champions. Kinakin is founder of the Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists (SWIS), which educates and certifies doctors, therapists, and personal trainers in the area of exercise muscle testing, rehabilitation, and treatment of weight training injuries. See their Web site at

    "Optimal Muscle Training takes the guesswork out of lifting and provides the secrets to ultimate body conditioning."

    Peter Twist
    President of Twist Conditioning, Inc.
    Author of Strength Ball Training

    “It's the best fix-it-yourself guide for gym rats we've ever seen.”

    Men's Fitness

    "Optimal Muscle Training is the best resource available for detailed and accurate exercise descriptions. With this book and DVD package, you can realize gains that you never thought were possible."

    Eric Serrano, MD
    Consultant, Sports Performance and Nutrition