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Nordic Walking PDF

Nordic Walking PDF

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    Get ready for a new outdoor adventure by joining the more than 8 million people who have picked up their poles and headed outside. Outdoor enthusiasts will find all the information they need for exploring everything from city streets to mountain tops in Nordic Walking. Developed in Finland, Nordic walking incorporates specially designed poles and specific techniques to enhance the action of walking. An engaging activity, Nordic walking can be practiced in a variety of outdoor settings: city sidewalks, parks, sandy beaches, and hiking trails through mountains or deserts. Written by International Nordic Walking Association coach Malin Svensson, Nordic Walking presents the basics you need in order to get started right away. The book provides information on walking correctly both with and without the poles to ensure an injury-free experience as well as using the poles correctly so that you can reap all the physical benefits of the activity. You’ll also learn techniques for climbing and descending during your walk. Once you’ve mastered the basics, Svensson helps you build your skills so you can move on to more challenging walks. Nordic walkers enjoy the benefits of a full-body workout. The activity improves balance, increases upper-body strength, and takes stress off the joints and low back, making it safe and effective for exercise novices, elderly or obese people, pregnant women, and rehabilitation patients. Fitness walkers will find that they burn up to 46 percent more calories without feeling as though they’re putting forth any extra effort, and athletes can enjoy an alternative cross-training option with strength and endurance benefits. Nordic Walking teaches you how to structure a workout and then step up your workouts with various pole techniques and additional intensity-building tips. Exercises and helpful suggestions will keep you fit and focused on the activity year-round. Packed with over 140 photos, Nordic Walking offers essential information on etiquette and safety considerations and tips for selecting the correct gear and apparel. The book also presents seven walking wonders worldwide, with insider tips on exciting and beautiful places to walk while traveling, as well as a list of Web sites of instructors, organizations, and events that will help you plan your own adventures in the United States and around the world. Adaptable, effective, and fun, Nordic walking is an outdoor adventure with something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a new way to spend time outdoors or want an enjoyable new workout, Nordic walking is the perfect activity for you. For information on system requirements or accessing an E-book after purchase, click here.

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Preparing for a Nordic Walking Adventure
    Chapter 1: Going Nordic Walking
    What Do the Poles Do?
    History and Recent Growth
    Benefits of Nordic Walking
    Any Age, Any Fitness Level
    Nordic Walking Adventures

    Chapter 2: Adventure Fit for Nordic Walking
    Purpose of Training
    Flexibility for Nordic Walking
    Strength Training for Nordic Walking
    Endurance Training for Nordic Walking

    Chapter 3: Poles, Footwear, and Clothing
    Selecting Nordic Walking Poles
    Selecting Nordic Walking Shoes
    Selecting the Right Socks
    Dressing for the Outdoors
    Function and Maintenance of Gear

    Chapter 4: Where to Go Nordic Walking
    Nordic Walking Anywhere
    Planning the Route
    Determining Distance, Time, and Elevation
    Advantages of a Map and Compass
    Seven Nordic Walking Wonders Worldwide
    Designated Nordic Walking Parks

    Chapter 5: Outdoor Safety and Etiquette
    Personal Safety
    Pole Safety
    Practicing Outdoor Etiquette and Ethics

    Part II: Nordic Walking Techniques and Workouts
    Chapter 6: Building Your Basic Nordic Walking
    Basic Regular Walking Technique
    Basic Nordic Walking Technique
    Climbing and Descending

    Chapter 7: Components of a Nordic Walking Workout
    Check Fuel and Fluid
    Warm-Up Phase
    Workout Phase
    Cool-Down Phase

    Chapter 8: Urban Nordic Walking
    Explore the City with Nordic Walking
    Surfaces and Locations
    Urban Nordic Walking Workout
    Other Urban Nordic Walking Adventures

    Chapter 9: Nordic Trail Walking
    Explore Local Trails
    Surfaces and Location
    Nordic Trail Walking Workout
    Other Trail Walking Adventures

    Appendix A: Resource Guide for Nordic Walking Equipment
    Appendix B: Nordic Walking Organizations Worldwide

    About the Author

    Malin Svensson is internationally recognized as one of the leading authorities on Nordic walking. She is a certified coach through the International Nordic Walking Association and is one of only four individuals, and the first female, to obtain this prestigious certification. Also a certified personal trainer (NSCA and NASM), Svensson is founder of Nordic Walking USA and founder and owner of Nordic Body. Malin holds a master's degree in physical education and is a nationally ranked track and field athlete.

    As an fitness speaker and coach, Svensson has conducted Nordic walking seminars and presentations throughout North America, Europe, and New Zealand. Her writing on Nordic Walking has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fitness, and Body+Soul.

    Svensson is the author of the Nordic Walking Instructor Manual and coauthor of the INWA Instructor Manual. She is also cohost of the Exel Nordic Walking DVD along with Mark Fenton. She is a member of INWA Advisory Board and has served on the INWA Educational Committee and as director of education of Exel Sport North America.

    A native of Sweden, Svensson moved to the United States in 1989. She resides in Santa Monica, California, where she enjoys Nordic walking in the Santa Monica Mountains. Travel and improvisational theater are also favorite leisure pursuits.