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Mental Athlete PDF, The

Mental Athlete PDF, The

$26.95 CAD


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    Improved mental ability means improved sports performance. Athletes who excel do so not just because of their physical abilities but because of their mental awareness, preparation, and skills as well. The Mental Athlete will help improve your overall performance by providing the tools, guidance, and practical insight you need to sharpen your mental skills. This conditioning manual for the mind will help you •further enhance mental strengths and address weaknesses through effective self-assessments, •increase confidence in personal abilities and avoid the fear of failure, •heighten awareness of inner-thought processes and learn ways to improve them, and •be free of inhibitions to initiate action and to respond intuitively and positively to challenges. No matter what sport you play and at what level you play, you will find this practical, reader-friendly book useful because it not only lets you know what you need to do to improve your mental abilities, but it also shows you how to improve them. It contains exercises, tests, and worksheets that help you move through the steps of mental achievement. In addition, The Mental Athlete contains the following features: •Sections that cover specific sports and issues •Sport-specific visualizations for football, soccer, volleyball, and many other sports •Information on issues such as team building; recovering from injuries; and letting go of mistakes, losses, anger, and fear Take full advantage of your physical skills by fully developing your mental skills—the aim of The Mental Athlete! Contents Chapter 1 Essentials for Effective Mental Training Chapter 2 Developing Mental Training Skills Chapter 3 Gauging Your Mental Aptitude Chapter 4 Taking Steps Toward Positive Thinking Chapter 5 Preparing Your Mind and Body for Mental Training Chapter 6 Unleashing the Power of the Mind Chapter 7 Optimizing Your Performance Chapter 8 Troubleshooting Performance Blocks Chapter 9 Mental Training for Specific Needs Chapter 10 Mental Training for Life

    Table of Contents

    Part I Teaching and Evaluating

    Chapter 1 Teaching Sport Skills

    Chapter 2 Evaluating Technical and Tactical Skills

    Part II Teaching Technical Skills

    Chapter 3 Foundational Skills

    Chapter 4 Strokes and Shots

    Part III Teaching Tactical Skills

    Chapter 5 Singles and Doubles Tactics

    Chapter 6 Offensive Tactical Skills

    Chapter 7 Defensive Tactical Skills

    Part IV Planning for Teaching

    Chapter 8 Season Plans

    Chapter 9 Practice Plans

    Part V Match Coaching

    Chapter 10 Preparing for Matches

    Chapter 11 During and After the Match

    Coaching Basketball Technical and Tactical Skills, an American Sport Education Program (ASEP) publication, was written by Kathy McGee in consultation with Don Showalter.

    McGee has coached girls' varsity basketball for 30 years, during which time she has amassed an impressive 583-146 record. She is currently the winningest high school coach in the state of Michigan. McGee is a member of the Michigan Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame and was named National Coach of the Year by both the WBCA and NFHS.

    Showalter is the head boys' basketball coach and activities director at Mid-Prairie High School in Wellman, Iowa. He has coached USA Basketball junior and youth development teams and coached the West squad in the 1999 McDonald's All-American game. He currently serves as USA Basketball's Junior Development Committee Chairperson.

    ASEP has been developing and delivering coaching education courses and resources since 1981. As the nation's leading sport education provider, ASEP works with national, state, and local sport organizations to develop educational programs for coaches, officials, administrators, and parents. These programs incorporate ASEP's philosophy of “athletes first, winning second.”