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Men's Lacrosse

Men's Lacrosse

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    In Men’s Lacrosse, coaching legend Don Zimmerman joins forces with Peter England to present the skills and strategies you need to take your game to the next level.

    From individual technique to team execution, Men’s Lacrosse covers it all. With detailed instruction, expert advice, and personal insights from a Hall of Fame coach, you’ll learn to improve these skills:

    • Fundamentals such as passing, scooping, feeding, cutting, dodging, and finishing
    • Shot power, accuracy, selection, and placement for high-percentage scoring
    • Goalkeeping techniques such as stick work, clearing, positioning, and challenging shots
    • Offensive opportunities by using field position, forcing turnovers, and taking advantage of player match-ups

    You’ll also find more than 25 of the very best drills for skill development, training and conditioning, and team execution.

    With in-depth coverage of the most effective offensive and defensive schemes, tactics, and strategies for today’s game, Men’s Lacrosse is essential reading for serious players and coaches alike.

    Table of Contents

    Part I Individual Skills and Techniques
    Chapter 1 The Sport of Lacrosse
    Chapter 2 Player Characteristics
    Chapter 3 Player Stick Skills
    Chapter 4 Dodging, Feeding, and Shooting
    Chapter 5 Cutting, Picks, and Ball Exchange
    Chapter 6 Face-Offs
    Chapter 7 Goalkeeping
    Chapter 8 On-Ball Defense
    Chapter 9 Off-Ball Defense

    Part II Team Play
    Chapter 10 Team Offense
    Chapter 11 Team Defense
    Chapter 12 Transition Offense
    Chapter 13 Transition Defense