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Leading the Way - Youth Leadership Guide

Leading the Way - Youth Leadership Guide

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    Leading the Way: Youth Leadership Guide was developed to improve youth leadership skills and to encourage participation in physical activity. This resource supports young people in developing and enhancing the skills they need to successfully plan, organize, and implement their own programs. Leading the Way can help young people do the following:
    • Develop positive attitudes toward youth leadership, cooperation, and participation in intramural sports and in health-promoting school and recreation activities
    • Learn how to plan, organize, and operate their own programs with increasing autonomy and pride
    • Develop individual and cooperative leadership skills through participation in organized leadership groups
    • Strengthen skills such as teamwork, trust building, responsibility, decision making, and problem solving
    • Develop lifelong skills through leadership training that will be beneficial in all areas of their lives
    Who should use Leading the Way? This handbook is designed for anyone who is developing leaders among children or young people in a school or community setting:
    • Elementary teachers can use Leading the Way to facilitate students' first leadership roles, whether in a mentoring program, for a special event, or for taking on administrative tasks.
    • Secondary teachers and students can use Leading the Way to plan and implement both credit and noncredit courses and to supplement existing courses in their schools.
    • Recreation and community youth group leaders can use Leading the Way to provide ideas and methodologies to develop and implement a youth-run program.
    • Youth leaders can use Leading the Way as a tool to help them develop the skills needed to work effectively with their peers in a variety of school and community contexts (student council, intramural sports, camp counseling roles, etc.).


    Teachers, community leaders, and peer youth leaders working with children and young people to build leadership skills.

    Table of Contents

    Preface. Using Leading the Way
    Who Should Use This Resource
    How to Use This Resource
    Chapter 1. Understanding Leadership Development
    Leadership: A Definition
    Beliefs About Leadership Development
    Beliefs About Inclusive Participation
    Chapter 2. Becoming an Effective Leader
    The Role of the Facilitator
    Developing Effective Leaders
    Leadership Qualities and Skills
    Leadership Styles
    Activities & Worksheets
    Chapter 3. Building a Leadership Team
    Selecting Leaders
    Motivation: Why Get Involved?
    Understanding Group Dynamics
    Leadership Actions for Team Development
    Activities & Worksheets
    Chapter 4. Developing Leadership Skills
    Communications Skills
    Communications Activities & Worksheets
    Problem Solving
    Problem Solving Activities & Worksheets
    Time Management
    Time Management Activities & Worksheets
    Stress Management
    Stress Management Activities & Worksheets
    Chapter 5. Taking the Lead: Leadership in Action
    Opportunities for Leadership Activity
    Getting Organized: The Planning Process
    Getting Organized Activities & Worksheets
    Getting Together: Meetings and Presentations
    Getting Together Activities & Worksheets
    Making It Happen: How to Organize Events
    Making It Happen Activities & Worksheets
    Getting the Message Out: Publicity and Promotion
    How Did We Do: Evaluation
    How Did We Do Activities & Worksheets
    Awesome! Celebration and Recognition
    Chapter 6. Resources

    About the Author

    Physical & Health Education Canada (PHE Canada) is a national leader and vital contributor in fostering achievement and health among Canadian children and youth by supporting physical and health education and active living initiatives where children live, learn, and play. PHE Canada’s vision is a future wherein all children and youth in Canada live healthy, physically active lives.

    Contributors: Glenn Campbell, Doug Gleddie, Kaelin Gillis, Christopher Telfer, Liz Vaneysinga, Richard Ward, Christine Preece, Carol Henry, Carol Scaini, Don Hutchison, Wayne Meadows, Anitra Dagley, Cheryl McCombe.