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Laura Stamm's Power Skating DVD

Laura Stamm's Power Skating DVD

$18.98 CAD $38.95 CAD


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    Establish yourself as a dominant force on the ice with explosive, powerful skating!

    Laura Stamm's Power Skating DVD will show you how to get to loose pucks faster, react quickly to the play, and get back in position in balance and under control. In addition, you'll discover how to improve your skating in all the fundamental skills. You'll learn proven drills to help you practice and master each maneuver. The DVD presents skills and drills in these six areas:

    -Balance and control

    -Smooth and powerful stride

    -Turning speed and lateral mobility

    -Aggressive starts and sudden stops

    -Quick turns and transitions

    -Agility maneuvers

    Laura Stamm has been teaching hockey's best players how to skate for more than 30 years. Her internationally renowned Power Skating Clinics have helped thousands of junior skaters and pro players to increase their speed, ability, and efficiency on the ice. Several NHL teams have adopted her Power Skating System.

    In addition, former National Hockey League player Doug Brown and Lee Jelenic of the American Hockey League provide top-quality demonstrations of each skill and drill. This DVD presents every technique you need to practice to skate your best and elevate your game.

    Human Kinetics DVDs are coded for universal playback and can be played in all regions of the world.

    Internationally renowned power skating coach Laura Stamm has been coaching hockey players for 30 years and is considered the pioneer of modern power skating. The first woman ever to coach a major league professional hockey player, Stamm has shown the hockey world how important skating technique is to a player's success. She has worked with college and youth hockey players, U.S. Olympic team members, and professional players representing many National Hockey League (NHL) teams. Stamm has taught thousands of amateur and pro players—including many NHL stars—how to increase their speed, ability, and efficiency on the ice.

    Stamm has taught the Los Angeles Kings, the New York Rangers, the New York Islanders, and the New Jersey Devils. Prestigious teams around the world have employed her Power Skating System.

    A champion athlete in ice dancing and tennis, Stamm studied physiology at Cornell University and taught high school biology and physics. In 1971 she became a power skating coach at a summer hockey school directed by then-NHL stars Rod Gilbert and Brad Park. She now conducts power skating clinics throughout the United States and Canada for players of all ages and abilities. She is the author of Laura Stamm's Power Skating, two other books, dozens of articles, and two other instructional videos on power skating; she is also a noted speaker and TV personality. Stamm's other interests include dancing, backpacking, kayaking, photography, and music. She lives in Anchorage, Alaska.