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Innovative Tools for Health Education

Innovative Tools for Health Education

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    Innovative Tools for Health Education: Making Inexpensive Props, Visuals, and Manipulatives guides you in using inexpensive or recycled materials as props for health lessons and activities. This book contains instructions on 30 projects with activity suggestions to make lessons meaningful and memorable, and it helps you

    • use ordinary objects lying around the house as effective props in your class;

    • bring creativity and freshness to lessons that keep your students engaged in learning; and

    • guide your students through practical learning experiences that help them to understand health issues and concepts in new ways.


    Resource for K-12 teachers, health teachers, elementary physical education teachers, and university health instructors.

    Table of Contents





    1. Portable First Aid Kit

    2. Stethoscope

    3. Puppets

    4. Beanbags

    5. Health Balls

    6. Stress Balls

    7. Germs Under the Black Light

    8. Alcohol Goggles

    9. DUI Game Kit

    10. Bottles With Impact

    11. Breathless Cigarettes

    12. Smokeless Tobacco Can

    13. Homemade Phlegm

    14. Tobacco Tar

    15. Stinky Beanbag

    16. Clogged Arteries

    17. Components of Blood

    18. Organ Vest

    19. Model Lungs

    20. MyPyramid Pocket Chart

    21. Healthy Placemat

    22. Simulation of Fat

    23. Simulation of Sugar

    24. Food Portion Kit

    25. Portion Plates

    26. A Pound of Fat

    27. Fat Vest

    28. Dice

    29. Inexpensive Teaching Props


    Appendix A: Patterns

    Appendix B: Homemade Clay

    About the Author


    About the Author

    Marilyn Grechus, PhD, is a professor of health education at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Missouri. She has taught health methods courses since 1992 and has presented on related topics at the state, district, and national levels. She has received two Excellence in Teaching awards, one from the University of Central Missouri and the other from the National Society of Leadership & Success. In 2003 she received the Robert M. Taylor award for professional service from the Missouri Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (MOAHPERD). MOAHPERD also named her University Health Educator of the Year in 2007. In her leisure time she enjoys playing with her grandchildren and doing crafty things.