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Hockey Drill Book-2nd Edition, The

Hockey Drill Book-2nd Edition, The

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    The best-selling hockey drill book returns, bigger and better than ever! Now with 500 drills for all aspects of the game, The Hockey Drill Book, Second Edition, is a must-have for every coach and player!

    With more than 40 years at the junior, university, NHL, international, and World Championship levels, five-time Coach of the Year Dave Chambers has spent countless hours on the ice developing players at every level (the Russian Ice Hockey Federation translated and distributed the previous edition to all its coaches). Practice after practice, he puts drills to the test, compiling the best here in the second edition of The Hockey Drill Book.

    Accompanied by step-by-step instructions, diagrams, illustrations, and coaching tips, the 500 drills cover essential skills for each position, offensive and defensive systems, pregame warm-ups, on-ice conditioning, and game-specific situations, including power plays, penalty killing, and face-offs. A collection of skill evaluation drills will help players and coaches identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

    Whether your goal is to raise your game or coach your team to the top, The Hockey Drill Book is the go-to resource. It’s the only drill book you’ll ever need.

    Table of Contents

    Drill Finder
    Key to Diagrams

    Chapter 1 Running Effective Practices and Drills
    Chapter 2 Warm-Up Drills for Skating, Passing, and Stickhandling
    Chapter 3 Warm-Up Drills With Shooting
    Chapter 4 One-on-One Drills
    Chapter 5 Two-on-One Drills
    Chapter 6 Two-on-Two Drills
    Chapter 7 Three-on-One Drills
    Chapter 8 Three-on-Two, Five-on-Two, and Breakout Drills
    Chapter 9 Defensive Drills
    Chapter 10 Combination Drills
    Chapter 11 Shooting Drills
    Chapter 12 Defenseman Drills
    Chapter 13 Forward Drills
    Chapter 14 Goalie Drills
    Chapter 15 Power Play, Penalty-Killing, and Face-Off Drills
    Chapter 16 Competitive Fun Drills and Games
    Chapter 17 Evaluation Drills
    Chapter 18 On-Ice Conditioning Drills

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