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Heart Education With Web Resource

Heart Education With Web Resource

Strategies, Lessons, Science, and Technology for Cardiovascular Fitness

$57.95 CAD


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    Capitalize on teens’ fascination with technology! Heart Education: Strategies, Lessons, Science, and Technology for Cardiovascular Fitness uses heart monitoring technology to help students learn concepts of cardiovascular fitness in a fun and innovative way. With the benefits of immediate and constant feedback, heart rate monitoring technology provides an engaging way for students to monitor their exercise sessions.

    Heart Education is based on the author’s principles of Heart Zones Education, a comprehensive cardiovascular fitness program for physical education that examines wellness from the viewpoints of health, fitness, and athletic performance. Designed for students ages 11 to 18, Heart Education incorporates key aspects of the middle school and high school texts of Healthy Hearts in the Zone with the most current information on training and technology.

    Heart Education’s 10-step program provides a series of modules with lesson plans, making it simple to present and easy to learn. The program gets students using heart monitors from the start, letting them experience the rush of seeing their heart rate display. Students will learn functions of heart monitoring, how to apply them based on individual heart rate data, and how to set realistic physical activity goals. Teachers and students can choose from over 20 health and fitness workouts and apply strategies for athletic performance training using heart zones.

    Heart Education also tackles emotional fitness with structured plans to reduce stress, build positive connections with others, and contribute to a stable emotional outlook throughout the turbulent adolescent years. Also featured are lessons incorporating heart zones concepts into popular outdoor recreation activities such as adventure racing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, geocaching, and orienteering.

    This guidebook features

    • a lesson plan finder for easy reference to each lesson and its accompanying student materials;

    • a web resource containing all worksheets, station cards, training logs, and other forms for easy printing;

    • additional resources including a hardware guide for heart rate monitors, troubleshooting tips, and a series of circuit training stations for reassessment; and

    • recommended health assessments that support the strategies of the Heart Zone Training (HZT) system.

    Although some forms of technology may be viewed as contributing to an overall decline in physical activity, heart rate monitoring technology can provide a way to empower students to reach their personal health and fitness goals. Heart Education: Strategies, Lessons, Science, and Technology for Cardiovascular Fitness can help you maximize students’ activity time with appealing, technology-based tools and scientifically sound strategies to positively affect their cardiovascular fitness.


    Resource for middle and high school health and physical educators using Heart Zones Education with their students. Supplemental text for college instructors teaching undergraduate programs in secondary methods in physical education. Reference for life coach professionals and secondary school coaches in running or swimming programs.

    Module 1 Jump-Start: A Quick Reference for Getting Started

    Monitoring Heart Rate

    Using a Heart Rate Monitor for the First Time

    Lesson Plans

    Module 2 Measuring and Recording Heart Rate Data

    Taking Your Pulse

    Determining Training Load

    Understanding Heart Rate Assessments

    Submaximal Heart Rate Tests

    Lesson Plans

    Module 3 Monitoring Heart Rate

    Programming a Heart Rate Monitor

    Precise Heart Rate Monitoring

    Sources of Error in Heart Rate Assessments

    Increases in Cardiac Output

    Changes in the Heart

    Ratings of Perceived Exertion

    Lesson Plans

    Module 4 Heart Zones Methodology

    Heart Zones Characteristics

    Five Heart Zones

    Zone Workouts

    Maximal Heart Rate

    Lesson Plans

    Module 5 Setting Fitness Goals

    Setting SMART Goals

    Small-Change Goals

    Training Tree: A Wellness Continuum

    Using the Training Tree

    Setting Weight Loss Goals

    Managing Weight

    Losing Weight

    Understanding Weight Gain

    Visualizing to Achieve Goals

    Lesson Plans

    Module 6 Heart Zones Training

    Ten Steps of Heart Zones Training

    Rules for Training

    Putting the Plan Into Action

    Module 7 Heart Zones Workouts

    Tailoring Your Workouts

    Interval Workouts

    Steady-State, or Continuous, Workouts

    Deciphering the Color-Coding System

    How to Read a Workout Outline

    Choosing and Designing Workouts

    Lesson Plans

    Additional Workouts

    Module 8 Sport Applications

    Fitness Training Principles

    Performance Training Principles

    Sport Specificity


    Aerobic and Anerobic Energy Contributions

    Assessing Fitness Levels Throughout the Sport Season

    Measuring and Monitoring the Intensity Requirements of Player Positions

    Lesson Plans

    Module 9 Periodized Training for Sport Performance

    Training Phases

    Setting Individual Plans and Goals

    Progression of Training Load


    Tracking Training Load and Logging Workouts

    Lesson Plans

    Module 10 Training the Emotional Heart

    Emotional Fitness Zones

    Emotional Fitness Training

    Strengthening the Emotional Heart

    ZAP Your Stress

    Connecting With Others

    Choosing Happiness

    Lesson Plans

    Module 11 Enhancing Health Through Outdoor Recreation

    Integrating Outdoor Adventure Activities Into Physical Education

    Adventure Racing

    Discathalon (Cross Country Skiing and Disc Throwing)

    Geocaching or Point-to-Point Orienteering

    Lesson Plans

    Deve L. Swaim, MS, is president of Heart Zones Education, a company devoted to the development of innovative physical education curricula for schools. Swaim is the creator of the Heart Zones Education program and curriculum as well as two associated texts, Middle School Healthy Hearts in the Zone (2002) and High School Healthy Hearts in the Zone (2003), both published by Human Kinetics. Recognized both nationally and internationally as an expert on applications for heart rate technology in school programs, Swaim has presented her curriculum throughout the United States, Japan, and Australia.

    A certified K-12 physical education teacher, Swaim has over 40 years of experience as a health and physical educator working with students from middle school through the university level. Currently she is on the faculty in the department of curriculum and instruction working in the graduate teacher education program in the School of Education at Portland State University in Oregon.

    Swaim has served on the Oregon Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports and as the Board of Governors representative for the Northwest District American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. She has also served as president of both the Oregon Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance and the Northwest District American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. She is the recipient of the Honor Award from both organizations for meritorious contributions to the organizations.

    In her free time, Swaim enjoys hiking, backpacking, fishing, and snowshoeing. She and her spouse, AJ, live in Canby, Oregon.

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