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Health Education Ideas and Activities:24 Dimensions of Wellness

Health Education Ideas and Activities:24 Dimensions of Wellness

24 Dimensions of Wellness for Adolescents

$53.95 CAD


Product Format

    Health Education Ideas and Activities provides fresh, cost-effective, and multifaceted ways to teach health education at the middle and high school levels. Grounded in the real world and tested in classrooms, each lesson idea and teaching tool is ready to use with minimal preparation time.

    Health Education Ideas and Activities includes 24 units and 139 lesson ideas spanning a variety of health and wellness topics such as resiliency, self-awareness, conflict resolution, self-esteem, yoga, and alternative healing.

    You can use these materials to tailor your existing units and lessons to the changing needs of your students. You also can use the materials to reinforce or expand your existing physical education curriculum to drive home the importance of health. You'll be able to develop the health literacy of students in any class setting while meeting revised 2006 national standards for health education.

    This resource is classroom developed and tested by a physical and health educator with more than 30 years of experience teaching at the middle and high school levels. Roger Puza understands that kids growing up in today's world face more health challenges than ever. The lesson ideas and activities in this book reach into their world and take hold, laying the groundwork for tomorrow's healthy, active adults.

    Health Education Ideas and Activities contains these time-saving features:

    -Specific, ready-to-use assessments for easily building accountability into your teaching

    -Over 200 handouts and 20 tests

    -A handy CD-ROM containing all the reproducibles for quick access

    -A lesson idea finder for quickly locating the content you need

    Health Education Ideas and Activities provides new and experienced educators with organized information on all dimensions of health—intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional, and social. The book's comprehensive and multifaceted approach guarantees this will be one resource you'll go to time and again.


    Reference for middle and high school health and physical educators. Supplemental resource for undergraduate health and physical education teaching methods courses.

    How to Use This Book and CD-ROM
    Lesson Finder

    Chapter 1. Happiness
    Chapter 2. Brain Power
    Chapter 3. Resiliency Factors
    Chapter 4. Health and Wellness
    Chapter 5. The Human Body and Medicine
    Chapter 6. Longevity and Death
    Chapter 7. Nutrition and Body Image
    Chapter 8. Total Fitness
    Chapter 9. Sleep, Dreams, and Relaxation
    Chapter 10. Heart Disease
    Chapter 11. Cancer Prevention
    Chapter 12. Environmental Health
    Chapter 13. Spiritual Health
    Chapter 14. Self-Awareness
    Chapter 15. The Gift of Wisdom
    Chapter 16. Emotional Health
    Chapter 17. Mental Health Issues
    Chapter 18. Stress Management
    Chapter 19. Humor and Laughter
    Chapter 20. Tobacco, Alcohol, and Other Drug Abuse
    Chapter 21. Human Relations
    Chapter 22. Human Sexuality
    Chapter 23. Love and Compassion
    Chapter 24. Aging and Death

    References and Resources
    About the Author

    Roger Puza, MS, is a school consultant, curriculum writer, and university professor with more than 30 years of health education experience at the middle school, high school, and college levels. He was the health coordinator for the LaCrosse, Wisconsin, school district where he wrote the entire health curriculum. He also participated in writing state standards as a member of Wisconsin's Model Academic Task Force.

    Mr. Puza earned his master's degree in health education from the University of Wisconsin at LaCrosse. He has been involved in AHPERD for many years as a presenter and leader. In 1996, he earned WAHPERD's Wisconsin Health Educator Award. Puza is a lifetime learner of health and a positive role model.