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Great Speedbag Handbook, The

Great Speedbag Handbook, The

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    Learning how to hit a speed bag can be tricky if you are a beginner. This handbook shows you how to proficiently hit a speed bag using easy-to-follow instructions and descriptive photos that guide you step-by-step through the process. Learn how and where to set up a speed bag, how to wrap your hands and important safety tips. Printed in color; 64 pages.


    Fitness enthusiast, fitness professional

    Table of Contents

    General Guidelines & Safety
    Speed Bags
    Setting Up a Speed Bag
    Stance & Body Movement
    How to Hit the Bag
    How to Wrap Your Hands
    Basic Punches
    Advanced Punches
    Speed Bag Drills
    Sample Routines
    Basic Punches
    Front Forward Strike
    Front Forward Strike
    Both hands
    Advanced Punches
    Front Circular Combination
    Two hands
    Two hands
    Speed Bag Drills
    Jab Drill
    Cross Drill
    Punch Routines
    Routine 1
    Routine 2
    Routine 3
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    About the Author

    During Dale Walters's 15 year amateur career he was never beaten by a Canadian boxer. Further, he never lost an amateur bout (including international competitions) on Canadian soil. The 5-time national champion had a career record of 165 wins and 12 losses and was selected Most Outstanding Boxer at three National Championships. Walters won a Bronze medal as a Bantamweight at the Los Angeles Games in 1984. It was Canada's first Olympic Boxing Medal in 52 years.