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Gotta Ballroom

Gotta Ballroom

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    Gotta Ballroom is your guide to dancing the waltz, tango, foxtrot, and Viennese waltz. Master instructors and professional dancers Christine Zona and Chris George describe and demonstrate every movement, providing you with the skills you need to glide across the dance floor like a pro.

    Including a 64-minute DVD, Gotta Ballroom provides specific instruction for social success with the four most popular American style ballroom dances. This one-of-a-kind package breaks down both leader and follower roles to show basic footwork, body positioning, timing, styling, transitions.

    With an interactive and structured approach, Gotta Ballroom will soon have you spontaneously moving with a partner and with the music. It provides the tools you will use every day (and night) as you immerse yourself in the experience, pleasure, and grace of American style ballroom dance.

    Table of Contents

    Part I Getting Into Ballroom Dancing
    Chapter 1 The Changing Face of Ballroom Dance
    Chapter 2 Dancing as a Hobby
    Chapter 3 Connecting Music and Dance

    Part II Learning Ballroom Dancing
    Chapter 4 Posture and Movement
    Chapter 5 Two People Dancing as One
    Chapter 6 American Style Waltz
    Chapter 7 American Style Tango
    Chapter 8 American Style Foxtrot
    Chapter 9 American Style Viennese Waltz

    Part III Ballroom Dancing on Your Own
    Chapter 10 Surviving the Social Dance Floor
    Chapter 11 Taking Your Dancing to the Next Level

    About the Author

    Christine Zona is a former ballroom studio owner and competitor. She has danced professionally in the international standard and Latin divisions and in the American ballroom division and won several Rising Star titles. She is a certified teacher and adjudicator in American ballroom and rhythm, international standard and Latin, and theatre arts divisions and is a member of many professional dance organizations. Currently, she judges ballroom dance competitions, instructs dancers of all ages, and is the editor of Dance Notes, a national bimonthly publication devoted to ballroom dance ( Zona resides in New York City.

    Chris George is a professional ballroom dancer, teacher, and former competitor. He has competed in the American ballroom and rhythm divisions, winning a number of Rising Star titles. He is a former coeditor of Dance Notes and now serves as a contributing editor. Currently pursuing a career on stage as an actor, singer, and dancer, he has danced at the internationally renowned Moulin Rouge in Paris and performed on two national tours of the Broadway shows Kiss Me, Kate and The Full Monty. George resides in New York City.


    “The advice to newcomers of ballroom dancing is both comprehensive and helpful. A good read for experts and beginners alike."

    Peter Pover
    Director of External Affairs for USA Dance