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Fundamental Movement Skills: Beyond the Fundamentals - A Games Approach

Fundamental Movement Skills: Beyond the Fundamentals - A Games Approach

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    Fundamental Movement Skills: Beyond the Fundamentals—A Games Approach is designed for physical activity leaders of youths ages 11 through 18 in the Train to Train and Active for Life stages of the LTAD Model. This resource provides the theory and practice for young people to develop more specialized and contextualized variations of fundamental movement skills that are transferable to several sports. This handbook does the following:
    • Introduces and addresses a tactical games approach within the contexts of skill development and fitness games, striking and fielding games, net and wall games, and territorial games
    • Focuses on the step-by-step process of using games to develop and refine movement skills in complex sport situations
    • Reflects the cognitive and emotional aspects of sport
    • Builds on fitness-related concepts such as speed, strength, stamina, coordination, balance, and agility as related to game play
    • Uses the learner-centered Teaching Games for Understanding (TGFU) approach
    • Provides examples of assessment tools, suggested readings, and useful resources

    Table of Contents

    Purpose and Design of This Resource
    Long-Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD)
    Physical Literacy
    Curriculum Connections

    Part I
    A Different Approach to Teaching Games
    The Sport Education Model
    The Teaching Games for Understanding Model

    Part II
    Using Teaching Games for Understanding
    Game Categories
    Skill Development and Fitness Games
    Net and Wall Games
    Striking and Field Games
    Territorial Games

    References and Appendixes
    Curriculum Connections
    Progressions of Tactical Problems and Solutions by Game Categories
    Fundamental Movement Skills Series