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Fun, Fitness, and Skills

Fun, Fitness, and Skills

$33.95 CAD

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    -Engage kids in fun, new games while teaching them key fitness concepts.

    -Provide appropriate skills practice for students.

    -Offer plenty of variations to keep the games fresh and exciting.

    -Use field-tested games that are ready to go at a moment's notice.

    Fun, Fitness, and Skills: The Powerful Original Games Approach brings 93 fresh games with countless variations. The games are easy to adjust to all grade and ability levels, and you'll never run out of fresh ideas for fun and exciting games that teach fitness concepts and skills.

    Created by a former teacher and current physical education mentor and staff developer with the Department of Education in New York City, these games have been field-tested in many schools with diverse populations at various grade levels. Yet the outcome of those field tests has been uniform: Kids love the games and teachers find them to be educationally sound and easy to implement.

    In Fun, Fitness, and Skills, you will find

    -easy-to-follow games that allow you to concentrate on kids being active and having fun;

    -clearly written educational objectives for each game that help you focus on key fitness concepts and skills to be learned;

    -a game finder that makes selecting the right game for your needs quick and easy;

    -tips and suggestions for teaching and classroom management; and

    -variations to keep the games fresh and interesting.

    The games include warm-ups, fitness and skill games, tag games, and games specially designed for students in kindergarten and first grade. The book also encourages creativity as you create your own games. Many of the games can be modified by changing equipment or a few rules for a sport or activity. Several games use fantasy, holidays, movies, television shows, or classic games with a twist. Most games are cooperative in nature but have a low-key competitive element or variation that will help students understand how to work together while also learning how to compete appropriately and with good sportsmanship.

    These games, which address the NASPE National Standards, will help you meet important physical education objectives. The book focuses on activity that is fun while also building skills for activities that students can enjoy for life. Indeed, through Fun, Fitness, and Skills: The Powerful Original Games Approach, kids will have fun and learn while practicing skills and fitness concepts. You will discover exciting new ways to teach or improve your students' skills and fitness. This cookbook of games with all their variations will be a recipe for active success in your classes!


    Reference for elementary and middle school physical education teachers, classroom teachers, and youth leaders.

    Table of Contents

    Game Finder

    Chapter 1. How to Teach a Powerful Original Game
    Chapter 2. Warm-Ups
    Chapter 3. Fitness Games
    Chapter 4. Tag Games
    Chapter 5. Fitness Games With a Skill Emphasis
    Chapter 6. Games for Students Ages Four to Seven
    Chapter 7. How to Create an Original Game

    About the Author

    About the Author

    Howie Weiss, MA, is a staff developer for the New York City Department of Education. He taught physical education for over 30 years, served as a mentor for other teachers, and was the chairperson of the New York City physical education curriculum design team. Weiss has led workshops at local, state, and national physical education conferences. He received the Master Teacher Award from the New York Board of Education and is one of only 6 physical educators in New York City to ever receive this award. Weiss is a member of the American Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance and the New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.