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Foundations of Professional Personal Training-3rd Edition

Foundations of Professional Personal Training-3rd Edition

$129.00 CAD


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    Developed and written by canfitpro, Canada’s foremost education and certification provider for fitness professionals, this third edition of Foundations of Professional Personal Training contains essential information for building skills, creating systems to work with clients, and preparing for the Personal Training Specialist (PTS) certification. Extensively updated to match the certification standards, this edition includes the following:
    • New chapters on periodization, screening and assessment, program design, and the canfitpro Personal Training Specialist framework
    • Diverse client case studies to use for practice and application of concepts
    • Details about canfitpro’s optimal health perspective, which integrates physical activity, nutrition, and mental well-being
    • Strategies for cultivating the client–personal trainer relationship
    • Contemporary information regarding inclusive training, training in a virtual environment, and building a business
    Foundations of Professional Personal Training, Third Edition, prepares new and prospective personal trainers for all aspects of their exciting profession. Providing key concepts of personal training, guidelines for program design and injury prevention, and considerations for working with clients, this text is an essential resource for preparation for the PTS exam and for a successful career in personal training.


    The primary manual for preparing for the canfitpro Personal Training Specialist certification; also a reference for personal trainers and other fitness professionals as well as a text for students in upper-level personal training courses.
    Part I. The Journey Begins

    Chapter 1. Understanding Your Career, Yourself, and Your Client
    Kim Lavender, FAHP
    Career Path Options for Personal Training Specialists
    Strengthening the Client–Personal Trainer Relationship
    Understanding Behaviour Change
    Influencing Exercise Adherence
    Working With Clients

    Chapter 2. Principles for Optimal Health
    Kim Lavender, FAHP, and Beth Yarzab
    Your Role as a Personal Training Specialist in Promoting Optimal Health
    Physical Literacy
    Nutritional Health
    Physical Activity for Optimal Health
    canfitpro’s Training Principles

    Part II. Understanding the Body

    Chapter 3. Bioenergetics
    Brian Justin, M.Kin, and Gregory S. Anderson, PhD
    Bioenergetics Terminology
    Introduction to the Energy Systems
    Interaction of the Energy Systems
    Oxygen Deficit
    Developing the Energy Systems

    Chapter 4. Cardiorespiratory Concepts
    Gregory S. Anderson, PhD, and Brian Justin, M.Kin
    Cardiovascular System
    Respiratory System
    Cardiorespiratory Response to Exercise
    Benefits of Cardiorespiratory Training
    Program Design for Cardiorespiratory Training

    Chapter 5. Skeletal Anatomy
    Gregory S. Anderson, PhD
    Parts of the Skeleton
    Describing Movement
    Program Design for Bone Health

    Chapter 6. Muscular Anatomy
    Gregory S. Anderson, PhD
    Structure and Function of Skeletal Muscle
    Muscles and Muscle Groups
    Benefits of Resistance Training
    Program Design for Resistance Training

    Chapter 7. Flexibility and Mobility Concepts
    Jason Jones
    Definition of Flexibility
    Relationship of Flexibility to Overall Fitness
    Mobility and Fascia
    Elastic and Plastic Tissues
    Range of Motion and Joint Mechanics
    Movement, Mobilization, and Flexibility Training
    Program Design for Flexibility Training
    Integrating Flexibility Training

    Chapter 8. Foundational Movement Sequences
    Mark Stone, BSc
    What Is Functional Training?
    Postural Stability and Balance
    Understanding the Kinetic Chain
    Externally Versus Internally Stabilized Exercises
    Biomotor Abilities
    Programming Foundational Movement Sequences

    Part III. canfitpro Personal Training Specialist Framework and Client Strategy (Assessment)

    Chapter 9. canfitpro Personal Training Specialist Framework
    Eric Wong Kai Pun
    Overview of the canfitpro Personal Training Specialist Framework
    PAR-Q+ and Health History
    Goal Setting With Emotional Connection
    Passive and Dynamic Assessments
    Selling Is Helping
    Program Design
    Session Delivery

    Chapter 10. Client Strategy Part I: Passive Screening and Assessments
    Eric Wong Kai Pun and Jason Jones
    Preexercise Screening
    Passive Assessments
    Cardiovascular Health Assessments
    Body Composition Assessments

    Chapter 11. Client Strategy Part II: Dynamic Screening and Assessments
    Eric Wong Kai Pun and Jason Jones
    Training Levels
    Dynamic Assessments
    Movement Quality and Active Flexibility Assessments
    Cardiorespiratory Fitness Assessment
    Muscular Capacity Assessment
    Sources of Error in Dynamic Assessments

    Part IV. Periodization, Program Design, and Session Delivery

    Chapter 12. Periodization
    Eric Wong Kai Pun and Jason Jones
    Origin of Periodization
    Periodization Cycles
    Plan to Build Client Skill (Foundations)
    Periodization Models
    Periodization Is Systematized Individualization
    Getting Started With Periodization

    Chapter 13. Program Design
    Eric Wong Kai Pun and Jason Jones
    Principles of Program Design
    canfitpro’s Principles of Training
    Resistance Training Is Key to Client Goal Achievement
    Client Considerations
    Structuring a Resistance Training Program for the Foundations Phase
    Structuring a Block Periodized Resistance Training Program
    Structuring a Linear Periodized Resistance Training Program
    Structuring a Wave-Loaded Periodized Resistance Training Program
    Selecting Exercises and Equipment for Resistance Training
    Structuring a Cardiorespiratory Training Workout
    Getting Started With Program Design

    Chapter 14. Session Delivery and Professionalism
    Eric Wong Kai Pun
    Considerations for Professional and Enjoyable Sessions
    Delivering the Session
    Five Steps of Introducing a New Exercise
    Intake or Initial Consultation Session
    Between the Initial Consultation and Subsequent Sessions (Client Onboarding)
    Subsequent Sessions and Reassessment

    Part V. Industry Longevity

    Chapter 15. Injury Risk Management
    Terry Kane, BPHE, BSc
    Understanding Scope of Practice
    Types of Musculoskeletal Injury
    Injury Risk Management

    Chapter 16. Business of Personal Training
    Sara Fennell and Joe Arko
    Career Options
    Personal Trainer Specialist Finances and Capacity
    Niche and Avatar
    Packaging and Pricing
    Marketing and Lead Generation
    Money Mindset
    Onboarding, Nurturing, and Community Building
    Terminating the Relationship
    Essential Data Tracking
    Customer Service and Operational Systems
    Risk Management

    Appendix A: Main, Supplemental, and Accessory Exercises
    Appendix B: Mobility and Stability Exercises
    Appendix C: canfitpro Professional Member Noncompliance, Complaints, and Appeal Process
    As the leading global provider of fitness and wellness education, canfitpro empowers people to lead passionate and fulfilling lives through safe, fun, and effective physical activity. Established in 1993, canfitpro provides professionals with certification, continuing education, and professional support. In 1998, canfitpro launched its national certification program that provides one standardized, comprehensive certification body in Canada for specialists in fitness instruction, personal training, nutrition, and wellness. Known for quality and positive results, a canfitpro certification establishes a benchmark for excellence and education in the fitness industry. Foundations of Professional Personal Training, Third Edition, is used by canfitpro for their Personal Training Specialist certification program for professionals who work with clients on an individual basis and design exercise programs for improved health and fitness.

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