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Essential Guide for Mental Performance Consultants (Digital Resource), The

Essential Guide for Mental Performance Consultants (Digital Resource), The

$110.95 CAD


Product Format
    The Essential Guide for Mental Performance Consultants is an authoritative reference presenting foundational information and best practices to help clients develop and use mental, life, and self-regulatory skills to optimize their performance. Authored by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), this web textbook provides an interactive platform to prepare for the AASP Certified Mental Performance Consultant® (CMPC®) certification exam.

    The Essential Guide for Mental Performance Consultants is an interactive web-based text that can be used on a variety of devices, offering a practical and affordable way to explore the foundations and applications of sport psychology and mental performance. As readers advance through the text, the following learning aids offer interactive activities and practice opportunities:
    • Knowledge statements outline each chapter’s content and describe how it meets required knowledge groups and components from the certification exam.
    • Interactive scenarios challenge readers to respond to realistic case studies by selecting appropriate paths to address the situation. Feedback is provided to help readers select the best possible choice at each point in the scenario.
    • Check-ins allow readers the opportunity to test their knowledge as they progress through the content with short multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and true-false questions. Instant feedback is provided to reveal the correct answer and explain why it’s correct.
    • Video summaries at the end of each chapter deliver brief presentations that summarize complex topics efficiently.
    • Quizzes at the end of each chapter test readers’ retention with 10 to 20 multiple-choice or true-false questions, offering an opportunity to practice for the certification exam.
    • Key terms are bolded throughout, highlighting important content to memorize.
    • A final test at the conclusion of the text provides 100 questions that reflect the content and format of the CMPC certification exam. Readers may use this test as a realistic practice opportunity and to identify areas needed for further study.
    This interactive text examines the basic principles and advanced applications of mental performance consulting. Section I presents the fundamental principles and theories of sport psychology and mental performance. Section II delves into preferred consulting methods and techniques. Section III explores performance psychology interventions. Section IV discusses the evaluation of consulting and coaching effectiveness. Section V is devoted to special topics and issues, including the psychology of injury and rehabilitation, physiological and neuropsychological bases of performance, ethics and professional issues, and culture and diversity. The guide’s table of contents indicates the exam weight of each section.

    The Essential Guide for Mental Performance Consultants equips readers with the expert knowledge and advice they need to succeed as a qualified mental performance consultant. By completing interactive activities and practicing exam study skills, readers will conclude this text feeling confident and prepared to pass the CMPC certification exam and to succeed in their future careers.


    Professionals and students preparing for the Certified Mental Performance Consultant® (CMPC®) certification exam or individuals interested in deepening their knowledge and understanding of sport psychology and mental performance.
    Chapter 1. Application of Theories and Principles of Counseling and Consulting
    Chapter 2. Foundational Psychological Theories, Models, and Constructs
    Chapter 3. Learning and Skill Acquisition
    Chapter 4. Leadership Development
    Chapter 5. Techniques for Developing Rapport, Trust, and Open Communication With Clients
    Chapter 6. Assessment of Individuals, Teams/Groups, & Organizations
    Chapter 7. Mental Skills and Tools Related to Performance
    Chapter 8. Performance Psychology Interventions
    Chapter 9. Evaluation of Consulting and Program Effectiveness
    Chapter 10. Coaching Effectiveness
    Chapter 11. Psychology of Injury and Rehabilitation
    Chapter 12. Physiological and Neuropsychological Bases of Performance
    Chapter 13. Ethics and Professional Issues
    Chapter 14. Culture and Diversity
    Founded in 1985, the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) is the premier organization cultivating an inclusive field of Certified Mental Performance Consultants®, licensed mental health professionals, educators, and researchers to drive the advancement and application of excellence in mental performance and mental health. AASP members are recognized for their work with performers at all levels to strengthen their “inner edge” and realize their greatest potential.

    AASP promotes the development of science and ethical practices in the field of sport and performance psychology.  

    AASP is the only place to earn the accredited CMPC® certification, validating the expertise to help clients develop and use mental, life, and self-regulatory skills to optimize performance, enjoyment, and/or personal development in their performance domain. CMPCs are qualified individuals who have completed a combination of educational and work requirements and successfully pass a certification exam.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    It is well written and provides a good reminder of key topics/theories. Unfortunately, you cannot highlight/make comments for yourself so need to find another way to take/keep notes from what is covered. Also, there are too many "preambles" (overview "video" is monotone, knowledge statement is useful, introduction is more of the same and would be better suited to the summary). In my opinion, it would be better from the reader's perspective to have the knowledge statement and then get into the content. Examples throughout are good, but there could be more to really illustrate the use of the content.


    I wish I could order a hard or printed copy.

    Lucas Madill
    Content is great, but some flaws with etext.

    The content in this book is great, so I have no criticism there, but the fact that you can’t highlight anything in the text is VERY disappointing. Also, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but every time I log on it never seems to remember the last place I read to. This is another disappointing aspect of the book. For the cost, both of these features should be available.