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Emotions in Sport

Emotions in Sport

$93.95 CAD


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    Emotions in Sport is the first comprehensive treatment of how individual and team emotions affect athletic performance. Edited by renowned Olympic advisor, researcher, and teacher Yuri Hanin, the book provides you with
    -a comprehensive understanding of emotional patterns such as anxiety, anger, and joy, as well as their impact on individual and team performance;

    -solid methods for determining the optimal emotional state of individual athletes;

    -innovative strategies for avoiding overtraining, burnout, and fatigue, while helping enhance performance;

    -an overview of injury management and the positive emotional states that can actually accelerate the healing process; and

    -a long-overdue look at exercise, emotions, and mental health.
    Created and developed by Dr. Hanin during 30 years as a sport psychologist, the Individual Zones of Optimal Functioning (IZOF) model is the key conceptual framework in Emotions in Sport. The model can help you describe, predict, and explain the dynamics of emotion/performance for individual athletes and provides you with strategies for creating optimal emotional states and enhancing athletic performance.

    Appendixes to the volume include a reproducible IZOF model form and step-by-step data collection instructions for your use.

    Emotions in Sport incorporates the insights, wisdom, and experience of authorities worldwide to give you a new perspective on this important subject and its impact on athletes.


    Reference for sport psychologists and coaches. Textbook for graduate courses and seminars in sport psychology.

    Introduction. An Individualized Approach to Emotion in Sport

    Part I. Foundations of the Individualized Approach to the Study of Performance-Related Emotions
    Chapter 1. The Study of Emotion in Sport and Exercise: Historical, Definitional, and Conceptual Perspectives
    Robert Vallerand and Cï¿œline J.M. Blanchard (Canada)

    Chapter 2. Cognitive-Motivational-Relational Theory of Emotion
    Richard S. Lazarus (United States)

    Chapter 3. Individual Zones of Optimal Functioning (IZOF)
    Model: Emotion-Performance Relationships in Sport
    Yuri L. Hanin (Finland)

    Part II. Basic Emotions and Athletic Performance
    Chapter 4. Competitive Anxiety
    John S. Raglin and Yuri L. Hanin (United States/Finland)

    Chapter 5. Anger, Aggressive Behavior and Athletic
    Leif Isberg (Sweden)

    Chapter 6. Joy, Fun and Flow State in Sport
    Susan A. Jackson (Australia)

    Chapter 7. Successful and Poor Performance and Emotions
    Yuri L. Hanin (Finland)

    Part III. Three Approaches to Training and Emotional

    Chapter 8. Overtraining in Athletes
    John S. Raglin and Gregory S. Wilson (United States)

    Chapter 9. Burnout in Athletes and Coaches
    K. Wolfgang Kallus and Michael Kellman (Austria/Germany)

    Chapter 10. Maladaptive Fatigue Syndrome and Emotions in Sport
    Keith Henschen (United States)

    Part IV. Additional Issues in Emotion and Sport
    Chapter 11. The Injured Athlete
    John Heil (United States)

    Chapter 12. Exercise, Emotions, and Mental Health
    Stuart Biddle (United Kingdom)

    Concluding Remarks. Where to From Here?

    Appendix A. Introduction to the IZOF-Based Individualized Emotion-Profiling Forms
    Appendix B. IZOF-Based Emotion Profiling: Step-Wise Procedures and Forms
    Appendix C. Practical Example of IZOF Profiles

    Internationally renowned sport psychologist Yuri L. Hanin, PhD, is Professor and Senior Researcher at the Research Institute for Olympic Sports in Jyvᅵskylᅵ, Finland. He has been a university-level teacher and researcher in the field of sport psychology for more than 30 years.

    The author of three books as well as numerous book chapters and journal articles related to optimizing sports performance, Dr. Hanin has done extensive research, teaching, training, and activities with national, international, and Olympic teams, athletes, and coaches. In addition, he has been a speaker at conferences throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

    Dr. Hanin has served as an associate editor of the European Yearbook of Sport Psychology. He is also a newsletter editor for the International Association of Applied Psychology (Division 12--Sport Psychology) and a member of the editorial board for the International Journal of Sport Psychology, The Sport Psychologist, Revista de Psicologia del Deporte, and Coaching and Sport Science.

    Dr. Hanin holds PhD (1970) and Doctor of Psychological Sciences (1986) degrees in Social Psychology from Leningrad University. He received the 1998 Visiting Scholar Award from the Australian College of Sport Psychologists and the 1999 Distinguished International Scholar Award from the Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology (AAASP).

    Dr. Hanin lives with his wife Muza in Jyvᅵskylᅵ, Finland. In his leisure time he enjoys downhill skiing and swimming.