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Embracing Your Potential

Embracing Your Potential

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    The drive to be #1 in a professional field or on a playing field is a powerful source of motivation for many people. Others place a higher priority on becoming a better person. Embracing Your Potential explains how to achieve excellence and balance in both the performance and personal domains of life.

    Author Terry Orlick labels these two domains as the "Gold" and "Green" zones. The Gold Zone includes the visible, tangible achievement markers, such as career advancement, win-loss records, and financial status. The Green Zone involves relationships and intellectual, spiritual, and cultural pursuits. Orlick argues that "going for the Gold" need not-and should not-require sacrificing the growth and development of the Green, and that the two zones can be nurtured simultaneously.

    Both inspirational and practical, Embracing Your Potential shares insights and quotes from elite athletes, performers, and people in highly demanding jobs. It also features 30 exercises that can help readers make meaningful, lasting changes to boost their performance and enrich their lives.

    Embracing Your Potential applies to people from all walks of life that want to excel and yet enjoy every day in the process.

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Growing in the Green Zone
    Chapter 1. Capture the Simple Joys
    Chapter 2. Relax Your Mind and Body
    Chapter 3. Connect With Others, Lift Yourself
    Chapter 4. Find Power in the Positive
    Chapter 5. Believe and Achieve
    Chapter 6. Transform Great Images to Reality
    Chapter 7. Create a Strong Mind-Body Connection

    Part II: Embracing the Gold Zone
    Chapter 8. Chart Your Course
    Chapter 9. Define Your Targets
    Chapter 10. Plan for Excellence
    Chapter 11. Get Focused and Stay Focused
    Chapter 12. Learn from Doing
    Chapter 13. Maximize Efforts Through Teamwork
    Chapter 14. Gain From Setbacks and Transitions