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Dumbbell Training 2nd Edition Online CE Course With Ebook

Dumbbell Training 2nd Edition Online CE Course With Ebook

$166.95 CAD


Product Format
    This package includes the following:
    • Dumbbell Training, Second Edition, ebook
    • Online study guide
    • Online continuing education exam
    One of the most versatile and effective forms of equipment, dumbbells have long been part of the training formula for building strength and power and toning the entire body. Dumbbell Training, Second Edition, describes how to use dumbbells as a primary mode of training and shows how dumbbells can be an excellent alternative to traditional barbell workouts. Whether you work with serious athletes wanting to improve sport performance or fitness enthusiasts wanting to improve upon their current exercise regime, you can use dumbbells to achieve fitness, weight loss, increased muscle mass, or improved athletic performance.

    The ebook is loaded with more than 110 exercises targeting the core, upper body, lower body, and total body. Exercises feature a variety of variations and are supplemented with photos and concisely written exercise descriptions, making it easy to understand each exercise and implement it with your clients. Did You Know? sidebars offer interesting details and tips about the use of dumbbell exercises.

    You’ll also find 66 ready-to-use programs that target specific goals. Fitness-oriented plans will help with fat loss, general fitness, hypertrophy, and strength, while athlete-focused plans will help increase power, speed, agility, and balance in eight popular sports: cycling, ice hockey, skiing, soccer, speed skating, swimming, track and field, and wrestling. The study guide contains a course syllabus, chapter objectives, and learning activities to help you understand further how to incorporate dumbbell training with your clients. Once you complete the course and pass the exam, you can print a certificate for continuing education credits.

    Learning Objectives
    • Explain the advantages of dumbbell training over other forms of resistance training.
    • Identify a variety of dumbbell exercises and their use for specific body segments.
    • Design a dumbbell training program that meets specific training and athletic goals.
    • Identify the key variables in developing dumbbell training programs.
    • Describe the concept of periodization and its use in designing dumbbell training programs.
    • Incorporate dumbbell training exercises into existing training programs.
    • Outline dumbbell training recommendations for specific sports and activities.


    Personal trainers, strength and conditioning professionals, and other certified fitness professionals.
    Part I. Training With Dumbbells

    Chapter 1. Benefits of Training With Dumbbells
    Chapter 2. Designing a Program
    Chapter 3. Incorporating Dumbbells Into an Existing Program

    Part II. Exercises

    Chapter 4. Upper Body
    Chapter 5. Lower Body
    Chapter 6. Core
    Chapter 7. Total Body

    Part III. Programming

    Chapter 8. Training for Fitness
    Chapter 9. Training for Weight Loss
    Chapter 10. Training for Increased Muscle Size
    Chapter 11. Training for Increased Power
    Chapter 12. Training for Speed Sports
    Chapter 13. Training for Agility and Balance Sports
    Allen Hedrick, MA, CSCS,*D, FNSCA, was named the first-ever head strength and conditioning coach at Colorado State University–Pueblo in 2009. Hedrick has a bachelor’s degree from California State University–Chico and a master’s degree from California State University–Fresno. Following completion of his master’s degree studies, Hedrick was hired as a strength and conditioning coach at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Initially, Hedrick was hired to a one-year appointment, but that position evolved into a permanent position and Hedrick was moved into that role. After working for three years at the Olympic Training Center, Hedrick was selected to fill the assistant strength and conditioning coach position at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Hedrick stayed in that position for three years before being named the head strength and conditioning coach, a position he held for nine years. In that position, Hedrick was responsible for the Air Force Academy’s strength and conditioning programs for football and volleyball and for overseeing the entire strength and conditioning program.

    Hedrick then moved to the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s headquarters, also in Colorado Springs; his initial position was head strength and conditioning coach, and he later served the education department as education coordinator. Hedrick stayed in that position until changing to his current position at Colorado State University–Pueblo.

    During his career, Hedrick has worked with a variety of athletes, from elementary-school-age athletes to athletes at the professional and Olympic levels, including athletes who have won medals in the Olympic Games (Bonnie Blair in speed skating and Matt Ghaffari in Greco-Roman wrestling). A frequent writer, Hedrick has been published over 100 times, in a variety of publications, on topics related to strength and conditioning. He has written a book on strength and conditioning for football and created numerous DVDs on topics related to strength and conditioning. In addition, Hedrick has presented at numerous conferences and clinics, both nationally and internationally, including in Guatemala, Japan, Australia, and China. In 2003, Hedrick was selected by his peers as the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year.

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