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Dance Improvisations PDF

Dance Improvisations PDF

Warm-Ups, Games and Choreographic Tasks

$33.95 CAD


Product Format

    Dance Improvisations: Warm-Ups, Games and Choreographic Tasks will provide assistance with any doubts that dancers and teachers might have with improvisation. This practical book promotes creativity that can lead to innovative breakthroughs among students from middle school age through college.

    With Dance Improvisations: Warm-Ups, Games and Choreographic Tasks, you receive

    • expert instruction in planning, teaching, and assessing students’ improvisations;

    • 73 activities in creating movement and material for choreographing dances;

    • a glossary of dance and choreographic terms; and

    • extensions of each improv to aid further exploration and development of the improvisation skills.

    The activities support all portions of your class—including improvisation lessons that you can use as warm-ups, games that stimulate creativity, and choreographic tasks for creating movement material. Each activity has been tested and refined by the author, a veteran dance instructor and choreographer. You can use the improvs individually in a lesson or use them in developing entire lesson plans. The step-by-step instruction and teaching tips that you receive save you valuable preparation time—and the instructions are clear enough that more experienced students can use the book to practice on their own.

    With Dance Improvisations: Warm-Ups, Games and Choreographic Tasks, you will find new ways to help your dancers create original movements through both individual and group activities. Your students will hone their creative responses, and the innovation and energy in your dance classes will fill your studio or classroom. Students will blossom and gain inspiration using these improvisations as they learn how to develop movement and choreograph studies.

    Chapter 1. Introduction to Improvisation

    Chapter 2. Warm-Up Improvisations

    Chapter 3. Creating Movement Material

    Chapter 4. Movement Improvisations

    Chapter 5. Exploring Contact Improvisation

    Chapter 6. Developing Improvisations

    Justine Reeve is a veteran dance teacher, having earned her BA (honors) in dance and related arts and a postgraduate diploma in dance and collaborative arts from the University of Chichester in West Sussex, England, and a postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE). She is the artistic director of the West Sussex Youth Dance Company, an A-level dance examiner, and a standards verifier for BTEC firsts and national diploma in dance.

    Ms. Reeve has written units for the BTEC syllabus for 2007 and 2010 specifications and has delivered continued professional development courses for key stage 4 and 5 teachers of dance curriculum in the UK. She is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Chichester for undergraduate and master’s students in education.

    She has been the director of dance at the BRIT School, a dance animateur with Rambert Dance Company, and a choreographer with her own company, the Puppik Dance Company. She enjoys visiting the theatre, reading, and raising her young family.