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Complete Conditioning for Hockey

Complete Conditioning for Hockey

$40.95 CAD


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    Hockey players are stronger, quicker, and more agile than ever before. To compete and win in today’s game requires superior stamina and strength. Complete Conditioning for Hockey can help get you there with a year-round training plan that will get you primed for a winning season.

    Author Ryan van Asten, one of the game’s leading strength and conditioning coaches, shares the same approach he’s used with top athletes and teams at the professional and national levels—including NHL Stanley Cup winners, Canada’s Olympic gold medal–winning women’s hockey team, and multiple world championship teams. Complete Conditioning for Hockey covers every aspect of physical preparation, including these:
    • Movement optimization
    • Endurance and stamina
    • Functional strength and power
    • Acceleration and speed
    • Change of direction and reactivity
    • Recovery and injury risk reduction
    Throughout, you’ll find more than 145 exercises, each with progressions and variations, to optimize your training in order to continue your development season after season. The position-specific guidelines will help to personalize training to your skill set, experience level, and role on the team. Training plans provide specific information and exercises for the off-season, preseason, in-season, and postseason to ensure optimal peaking and recovery.

    Complete Conditioning for Hockey also features a detailed analysis of player movement and conditioning needs, taking the process of physical preparation for hockey to a whole new level.

    Earn continuing education credits/units! A continuing education exam that uses this book is also available. It may be purchased separately or as part of a package that includes both the book and exam.


    Serious hockey players (high school and above), hockey coaches, and strength and conditioning professionals and personal trainers who work with hockey players.
    Chapter 1. Physical Demands of Ice Hockey
    Chapter 2. Assessing and Monitoring Hockey Fitness and Movement
    Chapter 3. Optimizing Movement Capacity
    Chapter 4. Energy Systems Development
    Chapter 5. Systemic Strengthening
    Chapter 6. Training for Functional Power
    Chapter 7. Training for Acceleration and Speed
    Chapter 8. Change of Direction and Reactivity
    Chapter 9. Recovery and Reducing Injury Risk
    Chapter 10. Technological Advances
    Chapter 11. Yearly Training Plan and Program Development
    Chapter 12. Postseason Training
    Chapter 13. Off-Season Training
    Chapter 14. Preseason Training
    Chapter 15. In-Season Training
    Ryan van Asten is the director of sports performance for the Calgary Flames and has been the head strength and conditioning coach for the organization for the past seven years.

    Prior to joining the Flames, van Asten spent three seasons as the head strength and conditioning coach of the Los Angeles Kings, winning Stanley Cups in 2012 and 2014. He was also the head strength and conditioning coach and coordinator for Hockey Canada and the Canadian Sport Centre–Calgary, where he was part of the 2010 Olympic gold medal–winning women's hockey team. In addition, van Asten was fortunate to be a part of three world championship teams and 10 World Cup winners in hockey and luge.

    At the University of Calgary van Asten earned a master of science degree in exercise physiology. He also holds a bachelor of science degree in life sciences and a bachelor of physical and health education degree from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. He holds the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist credential from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).
    "Ryan van Asten's approach to training hockey players is grounded in the fundamentals. However, he continues to evolve and innovate by seeking the best sources of information and collaborating with the brightest minds in the game. Complete Conditioning for Hockey is an excellent resource for players of all ages and coaches."
    —Hayley Wickenheiser, Four-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Seven-Time IIHF World Champion, and Hockey Hall of Fame Inductee

    "I'm lucky to work with Ryan van Asten. He is an innovator and always ahead of the curve, which has helped me achieve peak performance on the ice. Since working with Ryan, my performance on and off the ice has improved tremendously. His holistic approach to training leaves no stone unturned. Complete Conditioning for Hockey is a must-have resource for all hockey players and coaches alike."
    —Dillon Dube, Player for the Calgary Flames and IIHF World Juniors Champion and Team Captain

    "Ryan van Asten is a prominent leader in the strength and conditioning field and continues to drive industry-leading initiatives. His knowledge allows him to navigate the needs of his athletes with ease, ensuring they are reaching their potential and making important gains. Ryan is humble in his approach and always puts his athletes first. It's not about what he knows; it's about what his athletes need. I started to work with Ryan later in my career, and he improved several areas of my game, including my power. Ryan's training helped me stay relevant in a game that was quickly evolving. The success he has achieved is not surprising; his professionalism and work ethic resonate with everyone he works with."
    —Carla MacLeod, Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist and 2009 IIHF World Championships MVP

    "Ryan van Asten helped me reach and maintain peak physical condition during the long and grueling NHL season. His in-season approach to training allowed me to perform at the highest level and avoid injury during the playoffs, when the physical demands are the highest. Complete Conditioning for Hockey is highly recommended, not only for training but also for maintaining performance and avoiding injury during the season."
    —Alec Martinez, Player for the Vegas Golden Knights and Two-Time Stanley Cup Champion

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