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Competitive Taekwondo PDF

Competitive Taekwondo PDF

$25.95 CAD


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    In Competitive Taekwondo, former world taekwondo champion Master Yong Sup Kil shares the techniques, tactics, strategies, and mental and physical conditioning that have elevated him to the highest level of this sport. A top competitor, official, and teacher, Master Kil has used the training techniques outlined in this book to coach elite athletes on U.S. national, junior national, and World University Games teams for more than a decade.

    Victory in taekwondo is the result of strength, strategy, emotion, and skill. Competitive Taekwondo provides detailed instruction on each of these topics. With chapters covering kicking and blocking; stepping and footwork; competitive stances and postures; sparring tactics; and feints and timing, readers will learn to establish and execute fight plans that complement their strengths and exploit their opponents’ weaknesses.

    Detailed descriptions and photo sequences convey effective techniques and tactics, while proven drills and sparring scenarios reinforce the key concepts for execution. Conditioning and sparring plans round out precompetition preparation. Competitive Taekwondo is the champion’s guide to taking down even the most formidable opponent.
    Chapter 1. Finding Motivation and Setting Goals
    Chapter 2. Training to Win
    Chapter 3. Increasing Strength, Explosive Power, Endurance, and Agility
    Chapter 4. Kicking and Blocking
    Chapter 5. Stepping and Footwork
    Chapter 6. Taking Competitive Stances
    Chapter 7. Using Feints and Timing
    Chapter 8. Developing the Mind of a Champion
    Chapter 9. Drilling for Competition
    Chapter 10. Attacking
    Chapter 11. Counterattacking
    Chapter 12. Making Weight
    Chapter 13. Controlling the Match
    Chapter 14. Winning With a Coach
    Master Yong Sup Kil is a seventh dan black belt, a four-time Korean national martial arts champion (1973-1980), and the 1975 world champion. Since 1994, he has been coaching U.S. national teams, junior national teams, and U.S. national collegiate teams at the World Taekwondo championships. In 2000 Master Kil was named Coach of the Year by the United States Taekwondo Union (USTU). He served as a USTU official delegate to the 2000 Olympic Games and represented the United States as a delegate to the summer Universiade Games (World University Olympiad Games) in 2003.   

    Master Kil holds the highest certificate in coaching (level 5) and has served on various USTU and USA Taekwondo (USAT) committees. He is a first-class international referee and acts as a special advisor and tactical trainer to law enforcement agencies. Currently, he is on the physical education faculty in the division of kinesiology at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.
    Master Kil operates Kil’s Tae Kwon Do, Inc., which consists of nine taekwondo training facilities, located in southeastern Michigan.
    "Master Kil does an exceptional job exploring the many aspects of the sport, from developing the all-important physical skills to gaining the mental edge over your opponent. Whether you are practicing for your next belt test or training for a championship match, Competitive Taekwondo will give you the knowledge and confidence to attain your goal."
    Jason Han
    Six-time U.S. national team member

    "Master Kil provides the blueprint for becoming a taekwondo champion. Competitive Taekwondo is the must-have reference for any coaches and athletes looking to advance in their mastery of the sport."
    Sei Hyuk Kim
    Korean national team head coach, 1985, 2003
    Korean Olympic team coach, 1988, 2004

    "Competitive Taekwondo details the sparring and training techniques so vital to athletes who desire to reach the elite level of the sport. This book will greatly benefit students, athletes, instructors, and coaches at all levels of the sport."
    Master Han Won Lee
    Olympic bronze medalist, 1988
    U.S. Olympic coach, 2000
    U.S. Olympic Training Center head coach, 1993-2003

    "I enjoyed the way this book was broken down from kicks to punches to a daily workout schedule. I used many of Master Kil’s drills in preparing for the U.S. National Championships. Athletes of all skill levels will find Competitive Taekwondo an invaluable resource."
    Sanaz Shahbazi
    Eight-time U.S. national taekwondo team member