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Coaching Youth Baseball epub

Coaching Youth Baseball epub

$25.95 CAD
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    Congratulations on your commitment to coach youth baseball. If you’re new to coaching, you’ll find Coaching Youth Baseball invaluable in making your first season a success. If you have previous coaching experience, you’re sure to discover tips and strategies that will help you improve on last year.

    Coaching Youth Baseball will help you manage your team with confidence. This age-specific and field-tested coaching guide will prepare you to
    • handle your responsibilities and establish proper priorities as a coach;
    • communicate with players, officials, other coaches, and parents;
    • teach baseball skills and strategies using a combination of more than 30 drills and 40 coaching tips;
    • minimize the risk of injury, establish a safe playing environment, and administer basic first aid;
    • plan and conduct efficient practices;
    • manage your team on game day; and
    • keep it all fun.
    Written for coaches of players ages 18 and under, this book is a valuable component of the Coaching Youth Baseball the Babe Ruth League Way online course, the official certification course of Babe Ruth League, the premier amateur baseball program in the world. With this book, you will create and nurture an athlete-centered environment that promotes player development, enjoyment, motivation, safety, and sportsmanship—an environment that inspires players to perform at their best and come out for the team year after year.


    A resource for youth baseball coaches ages 18 and younger and parents of youth baseball players.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1.    Stepping Into Coaching
    Chapter 2.    Communicating as a Coach
    Chapter 3.    Understanding Rules and Equipment
    Chapter 4.    Providing for Players’ Safety
    Chapter 5.    Making Practices Fun and Practical
    Chapter 6.    Teaching and Shaping Skills
    Chapter 7.    Coaching Pitchers and Catchers
    Chapter 8.    Coaching Defense
    Chapter 9.    Coaching Offense
    Chapter 10.    Coaching on Game Day
    Chapter 11.    Developing Season and Practice Plans

    About the Author

    Babe Ruth League, Inc. is one of the premier amateur baseball and softball programs in the world. With a combined size of over a million players, Babe Ruth League divisions include Cal Ripken Baseball (for ages 4-12), Babe Ruth Baseball (ages 13-18), Babe Ruth Softball, Bambino Buddy Ball, and Xtreme Fastpitch. Founded in 1951 with the belief that every child with a desire to play baseball or softball should be afforded that opportunity, Babe Ruth League is dedicated to teaching baseball skills, furthering athletes’ mental and physical development, instilling respect for the rules of the game, and embracing and promoting the basic ideals of sportsmanship and fair play.