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Character-Building Activities

Character-Building Activities

Teaching Responsibility, Interaction, and Group Dynamics

$36.95 CAD


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    Preteens and teens need help in acquiring the social skills to appropriately handle challenging situations. Without those skills, a minor disagreement can often escalate into a physical confrontation. And that's where Character-Building Activities: Teaching Responsibility, Interaction, and Group Dynamics comes in.

    This book provides nearly 100 activities that will help children and young adults

    -gain a better sense of what they value based on their character traits,

    -become more effective communicators, and

    -discover how to communicate their values and strengthen their convictions.

    Character-Building Activities: Teaching Responsibility, Interaction, and Group Dynamics applies directly to preteens and teenagers, but it is easily adapted to younger children. This resource can be used in a variety of settings both in and out of school, including youth groups and curricular areas such as language arts and social studies. The activities are short, clearly described, easy to set up, and ready to use. Teachers or group leaders can pop an activity into an existing lesson plan or use a few in creating a new lesson plan.

    Regardless of age and setting, the participants in these activities will learn to deal with a variety of issues, including self-esteem, peer pressure, bullies, anger, and stress. They will also acquire self-reflection skills and have opportunities to share their values and listen to other kids as they share theirs.

    The self-responsibility, social interaction, and group dynamics involved in this book's activities will help kids grow and mature.


    Reference for middle and high school physical education teachers, youth leaders, and social workers.


    Chapter 1: Cooperative Activities
    From War to Peace
    Quick Teach (Peer Teaching Activity)
    New Game Development
    Life Support
    Ultimate Guard
    Protect the Core (Guard the Center)
    Bridge the Gap (Competition Versus Cooperation)
    What Floats Your Boat?
    Ping-Pong Obstacle Course
    What's the Difference?
    Reverse Polarity
    Multiplicity (Tag Game)
    Five Alive
    Bystanders Unite (Anti-Bullying Activity)
    Reach Out
    Catch Me Being Good
    Make It Right
    Character Search
    Clean Up Your Own Mess
    Abolish Aggression
    Stop the Bully
    Mixed Bag
    Bag It!
    Knotty Dilemma
    Watch My Back
    Carpet-Square Relays
    A Handshake to Remember
    Peace Starts With Me
    Scorpion Tag
    Take Me Home

    Chapter 2: Developing Self-Esteem
    Visualization (A Way to Build Self-Esteem)
    See Three (Visual Acuity Activity)
    Mystery Tag (Visual Awareness)
    Hear Me, Hear Me (Sensory Acuity)
    Pride Is the Prize
    The Power of Suggestion
    Who Am I?
    Remember Me
    Mixed Emotions
    How Tolerant Are You?
    Self-Praise Versus Arrogance
    Character Scramble
    What Do You Value Most?
    Choose to Be Enthused
    Are You Superstitious?
    Share Your Family Traditions
    Pride and Purpose
    Don't Cross the Line
    The Art of Compromise
    Sports Predicament
    Give and Take
    One Step Back, Two Steps Forward
    Peaceful Continuum
    The Truth Does Matter
    Blind-Faith Soccer
    Your Actions Count!
    Blind Shuffle
    Commitment to Your Team
    What Motivates You?
    Say You're Sorry and Mean It!
    Attitude Is a Choice

    Chapter 3: Reflection Activities
    Social Justice
    Changing “You” to “I” Messages (Effective Communication)
    Character for the Day
    Having Privilege Doesn't Make It Better
    Don't Just Criticize—Be Constructive
    Goal Setting
    Fair Teams?
    Team Together
    Ask for Help
    What Is a Hero?
    Character or Not
    Role Models
    What's In a Promise
    Forgive Yourself and Your Neighbor
    Share Your Talents
    Fight for a Cause
    Be Decisive!
    What's Your Passion?
    Respect: Learned or Earned?
    Dream Team
    Being Responsible
    How Do You Handle Stress?
    Profess Your Profession
    Gender Matters
    Have Faith
    Share Your Gift
    False Assumptions
    Don't Take It Personally
    Accusations Hurt!
    Respect Is a Two-Way Street
    Give Someone a Jump Start
    Excuses Don't Get the Job Done
    Rules Were Made to Be Followed
    Psychological Benefits of Sports
    Conflict Resolution
    Initiate, Don't Just React

    Suggested Readings

    Judy Demers currently teaches physical education at Castillero Middle School in San Jose, California. Demers developed the physical education curriculum for her individual classes and the San Jose Unified School District. She has written two professional improvement projects for San Jose Unified School District, one of which she presented at the California Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance conference. She received her bachelor's and master's degrees from San Jose State University. Demers has also served on health and physical education task forces and the California Healthy Kids Material Review Board, and she helped design district standards. Demers has been a member of CAHPERD since 1995 and has been a member of the Bay Area Physical Education and Health Subject Matter Project for several years.