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Case Studies in Sport Law-2nd Edition

Case Studies in Sport Law-2nd Edition

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    Case Studies in Sport Law, Second Edition, provides students with specific examples and perspectives of some of the most significant cases in sport law in an accessible tone that is free of legal jargon. The text is an ideal companion for non-law students who are seeking clarity and context for legal issues commonly encountered in sport management and sport law settings. The 87 cases provide real-life applications for students and scholars of sport management.

    This updated second edition of Case Studies in Sport Law contains one new case study to provide a more contemporary example while maintaining the most significant precedent cases. The text is easily incorporated as a supplement to course studies, especially for its recommended companion text, Introduction to Sport Law, Second Edition. These two texts were designed with the other in mind, and the structures match each other in order of topics presented so that students can easily cross-reference the two to obtain the best understanding of sport law.

    The 87 cases in Case Studies in Sport Law have been carefully curated by a team of experts in the field and represent many of the multifaceted aspects of sport law. Some of the areas covered in the text are school districts, colleges and universities, interscholastic and recreational programs, professional sport franchises, sporting goods manufacturers and trademarks, and governing bodies. This broad approach encourages students to understand the impact of legal issues on the sport industry, including many of the areas that students are hoping to pursue as a career.

    Case Studies in Sport Law offers condensed versions of each case as opposed to the full legal proceedings, which enables students to grasp key concepts of the case instead of wading through legal jargon. The cases are divided into the main topics that are most prevalent in sport law courses: agency law, antitrust law, constitutional law, contract law, employment law, intellectual property, labor law, products liability, risk management, statutory law, Title IX, tort law, and the U.S. legal system. This is an easy-to-follow format that allows instructors and readers easy selection of cases based on the topic at hand. In addition to the abridged court cases, each section provides introductory information to prepare students on the type of law that will be examined and key concepts to bear in mind while reading. Further, each case study ends with review questions that can test student comprehension, be used for review, and prompt in-class discussions. Answers to these review questions are in the instructor guide, which is free to course adopters and available at

    Litigation and lawsuits in sport are increasing; therefore, managers and operators must maintain a thorough understanding of legal practices. Case Studies in Sport Law is the ideal text to supplement a sport management or sport law class and bolster student comprehension of sport law issues, and it is a supreme reference in the professional library of all practitioners in college, high school, professional, and recreational sport settings.

    Table of Contents

    Case Study Finder
    Chapter 1. U.S. Legal System
    Cook v. Colgate University
    Sandison v. Michigan High School Athletic Association, Inc.
    Chapter 2. Tort Law and Product Liability
    Averill, Jr. v. Luttrell
    Baugh v. Redmond
    Benjamin v. State
    Byrns v. Riddell, Inc.
    Crawn v. Campo
    DeMauro v. Tusculum College, Inc.
    Dilger v. Moyles
    Dotzler v. Tuttle
    Dudley Sports Co. v. Schmitt
    Eddy v. Syracuse University
    Everett v. Bucky Warren, Inc.
    Filler v. Rayex Corporation
    Foster v. Board of Trustees of Butler County Community College
    Friedman v. Houston Sports Association
    Gehling v. St. George’s University School of Medicine, Ltd.
    Gillespie v. Southern Utah State College
    Hanson v. Kynast
    Hauter v. Zogarts
    Hayden v. University of Notre Dame
    Hemphill v. Sayers
    Jaworski v. Kiernan
    Knight v. Jewett
    Lofy v. Joint School Dist. #2, City of Cumberland
    Lowe v. California League of Professional Baseball
    Miller v. United States
    Nabozny v. Barnhill
    Pell v. Victor J. Andrew High School
    Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, Inc. v. Daniels
    Rispone v. Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College
    Sallis v. City of Bossier City
    Schiffman v. Spring
    Vargo v. Svitchan
    Chapter 3. Risk Management
    Bearman v. University of Notre Dame
    Kleinknecht v. Gettysburg College
    Maussner v. Atlantic City Country Club, Inc.
    Mogabgab v. Orleans Parish School Board
    Chapter 4. Agency Law
    Banks v. National Collegiate Athletic Association
    Chapter 5. Contract Law
    Monson v. State
    Rodgers v. Georgia Tech Athletic Association
    Taylor v. Wake Forest University
    Vanderbilt University v. DiNardo
    Chapter 6. Employment Law
    Burkey v. Marshall County Bd. of Education
    Hegener v. Board of Education of City of Chicago
    Moore v. University of Notre Dame
    Perdue v. City University of New York
    Stanley v. University of Southern California
    Chapter 7. Constitutional Law
    Blair v. Washington State University
    Denis J. O’Connell High School v. The Virginia High School League
    Doe v. Taylor Independent School District
    Hall v. The University of Minnesota
    Hill v. National Collegiate Athletic Association
    Jager v. Douglas County School District
    Menora v. Illinois High School Association
    National Collegiate Athletic Association v. Tarkanian
    Palmer v. Merluzzi
    Schaill v. Tippecanoe County School Corporation
    Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District
    University of Colorado v. Derdeyn
    Vernonia School District 47J v. Acton
    Chapter 8. Gender Equity
    Davis v. Monroe County Board of Education
    Favia v. Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    Franklin v. Gwinnett County Public Schools
    Gebser v. Lago Vista Independent School District
    Jackson v. Birmingham Bd. of Ed.
    Kelley v. Board of Trustees
    Roberts v. Colorado State Board of Agriculture
    Chapter 9. Intellectual Property
    Boston Athletic Association v. Sullivan
    Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Inc. v. Pussycat Cinema, Ltd.
    Lyons Partnership v. Giannoulas
    National Football League v. McBee & Bruno’s, Inc.
    San Francisco Arts & Athletics, Inc. v. United States Olympic Committee
    University of Pittsburgh v. Champion Products, Inc.
    Chapter 10. Antitrust Law
    Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women v. National Collegiate Athletic Association
    Chicago Professional Sports Limited Partnership v. National Basketball Association
    Flood v. Kuhn
    Law v. NCAA
    Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission v. National Football League
    National Collegiate Athletic Association v. Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma
    Smith v. Pro Football, Inc.
    Chapter 11. Labor Law
    Brown v. Pro Football, Inc.
    Chapter 12. Statutory Law
    Bunger v. Iowa High School Athletic Association
    Concerned Parents to Save Dreher Park Center v. City of West Palm Beach
    DeFrantz v. United States Olympic Committee
    Faragher v. City of Boca Raton
    Pottgen v. The Missouri State High School Activities Association
    About the Authors


    All ancillaries are free to course adopters and available at

    Instructor guide. Includes answers to review questions found after each case study. Review questions can be used in homework assignments and class discussions to stimulate student engagement and facilitate comprehension.