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Breathe, Focus, Excel Online CE Exam With Print Book

Breathe, Focus, Excel Online CE Exam With Print Book

Exercises, Techniques, and Strategies for Optimal Athletic Performance

$107.95 CAD


Product Format
    This package includes the following:
    • Breathe, Focus, Excel book
    • Online continuing education exam
    In Breathe, Focus, Excel, Harvey Martin—breathing coach for top athletes and teams in the MLB, NHL, and NFL—explains the science behind breath work and how breathing affects various systems of the body. Like any skill, breathing is a fundamental movement pattern that requires training to achieve mastery. Breathe, Focus, Excel offers breathing exercises that will expand the rib cage, protect the spine, and strengthen the pelvic floor. More importantly, each exercise is designed to help you improve performance in your clients and athletes:
    • Generate more power
    • Move with greater efficiency and ease
    • Expedite recovery
    • Improve aerobic capacity
    • Enhance decision-making and focus in competition
    • Reduce anxiety in high-stress, competitive situations
    Breathe, Focus, Excel draws the connection between breathing and performance. Applicable to any sport, the invaluable instruction and real examples help you build more efficient and effective breathing that will unlock your clients’ performance potential.

    After reading the book, certified professionals can take the companion CE exam to earn continuing education credits.

    Learning Objectives
    • Recognize the fundamentals of breath awareness.
    • Explain the anatomy, physiology, and psychology involved with breathing.
    • Describe the impact of breathing on athletic performance.
    • Summarize the influence of breathing mechanics on the body and mind.
    • Define effective breathing mechanics.
    • Assess current breathing mechanics.
    • Recognize breathing techniques to influence emotional states and overcome negative thinking.
    • Practice warm-up protocols and testing measurements for breathing practices.
    • Distinguish the differences among breathing assessments.
    • Apply breathing exercises that help control exhalation and build awareness of muscles used in respiration.
    • Employ breathing exercises that bring awareness to the pelvic floor and focus on inhalation, rib cage mobility, and spine mobility.
    • Demonstrate recovery breathing exercises.
    • Identify the benefits and risks of breath control in cold and in heat.
    • Evaluate the best practices for implementing breath control protocols in cold and in heat.


    Personal trainers, strength and conditioning professionals, yoga teachers, and other certified fitness professionals who work with serious athletes who want to improve performance.
    Part I. Breath Awareness
    Chapter 1. Fundamentals of Breath Awareness
    Chapter 2. The Anatomy and Physiology of Breathing
    Chapter 3. Athletic Performance and the Breath
    Chapter 4. Emotions and the Breath

    Part II. Breathing Exercises
    Chapter 5. Exercises to Test and Measure the Breath
    Chapter 6. Oxygenation Exercises
    Chapter 7. Strengthening Exercises
    Chapter 8. Recovery, Relaxation, and Emotional Regulation Exercises
    Chapter 9. Environmental Stress Exercises
    Harvey Martin founded and owned The MindStrong Project from 2017 to 2022, where he trained some of the top athletes and business executives in the world toward peak performance. Working alongside the scouting department for the Milwaukee Brewers since 2016, he specialized in training amateur and professional athletes from the NCAA, Olympics, MLB, NHL, and NFL in strength and conditioning, recovery, and mental performance. He began providing consulting services to universities in 2013 and would eventually teach at every level of college athletics around the country. During this time, he helped develop culture and peak performance habits for over 1,000 student-athletes and coaches. Beyond the athletic field, Harvey has spoken and led workshops with Fortune 100 companies on how to optimize human performance and how to achieve peak performance habits with the use of breathing and mindset. In recent years, Harvey became the breathing specialist for the San Francisco Giants, where in 2021 the team set a franchise record, with 107 wins in a single season. Currently, Harvey is the human performance coach for the San Francisco Giants.

    Harvey was a Division 1 athlete at Central Michigan University (2008-2011), where he received his bachelor's degree. He finished his playing career at Minnesota State University, Mankato (2012-2013), where he earned his master’s degree while also teaching courses such as Coaching Theories, Strength and Conditioning, and Team Skills. As an athlete Harvey was a two-time All-American and was named National Pitcher of the Year before signing to play professional baseball with the Milwaukee Brewers in 2013.

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