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Best Runs

Best Runs

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    Avid runners often define their best runs in terms of breaking records and conquering distances, but they intuitively know that this only begins to describe their experiences. Through more than 40 years of training and competing, Joe Henderson has gained an understanding of what really defines the best running experiences and has developed techniques to achieve them.

    Henderson-America's premier running writer-has produced perhaps his finest work in Best Runs. He shares his experiences and expertise, offering advice on how you can enhance your running and reap rewards beyond improved running times and race results.

    Best Runs contains more than 100 essays that will inform, inspire, and amuse all readers, from fitness runners to hardcore competitors. Each of the book's 25 chapters serves as a valuable lesson in running. You'll find entertaining tales and proven advice on how to

    - reduce the time pressures associated with training and racing;
    - decrease down-time by listening to your heart and early warning signals;
    - follow an optimal running diet;
    - reduce your anxiety before races;
    - improve long distance running techniques;
    - enjoy running into your later years; and
    - much, much more.

    Running is about much more than going farther and faster. It's about having your best possible experience every time out. Best Runs provides inspiration, insights, and training tips to ensure that you reach your fullest potential. Read it and have your best run yet!

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Best Ways
    Chapter 1. Picking the Best Bets
    Chapter 2. Training by the Numbers
    Chapter 3. Learning How to Walk
    Chapter 4. Running Out of Time
    Chapter 5. Listening to the Heart
    Chapter 6. Finding Shoes That Fit
    Chapter 7. Dealing With Down Time
    Chapter 8. Heeding the Early Warnings
    Chapter 9. Cutting From the Diet
    Chapter 10. Adding to the Diet

    Part II: Best Days
    Chapter 11. Counting Up the Races
    Chapter 12. Rerunning the Best Races
    Chapter 13. Worrying About the Race
    Chapter 14. Racing the Short Distances
    Chapter 15. Training Longer and Shorter
    Chapter 16. Racing the Long Distances
    Chapter 17. Racing at Its Simplest
    Chapter 18. Winning Without Beating Anyone

    Part III: Best Years
    Chapter 19. Gaining Much From Little
    Chapter 20. Living Out the Legacy
    Chapter 21. Reading, Writing, and Running
    Chapter 22. Touring the Finest Places
    Chapter 23. Connecting With Other Runners
    Chapter 24. Voicing a Few Complaints
    Chapter 25. Singing the Sport's Praises

    About the Author

    Joe Henderson has made a career of promoting consistency and longevity in running-through his books, his writings in Runner's World, and his talks at races. He has lived that message as both a runner and writer.

    Born in Illinois in 1943, he began running in Iowa 14 years later. And three years after that, he started writing about the sport. Henderson, a graduate of Drake University, has run more than 700 races. Their distances range from less than 100 meters to more than 100 kilometers.

    In addition to his long-time column in Runner's World, he has written more than a dozen books on running, and he publishes the newsletter Running Commentary. He is a former editor of Runner's World and a onetime staff writer for Track & Field News. The Road Runners Club of America has twice honored him as Journalist of the Year. He also is a member of the RRCA's Hall of Fame.

    Henderson runs and writes from his home base in Eugene, Oregon. His wife, Barbara Shaw, is also a published writer.


    "By Joe's own definition, this could be his 'best' effort as a writer!"
    Jerry Lawson
    Professional Marathoner, 2:09:35 (1997)

    "Nobody knows more than Joe or writes about running more clearly. This book includes some of his best writing yet. As you turn the pages, I'm sure you'll find yourself nodding in agreement, thinking, 'Yes, that's just the way I feel, too.'"
    Amby Burfoot
    Editor, Runner's World