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Abs Revealed PDF

Abs Revealed PDF

$27.95 CAD


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    Chiseled abs, a defined midsection, and a powerful core require more than sit-ups, crunches, and the latest miracle diet. To achieve true six-pack success, you’re going to need a plan—one based on the most effective exercises and sound programming. You need Abs Revealed.

    In Abs Revealed, award-winning personal trainer Jonathan Ross provides a complete program for strengthening, sculpting, and maintaining your midsection. More than a collection of exercises, Abs Revealed shows you how to fire your ab muscles regardless of your current fitness level, identify your goals, and develop a personalized workout program to fit your schedule with progressions built in for quick and clear results.

    This results-oriented, step-by-step guide also includes more than 60 core exercises, ready-to-use workout plans, and advice on integrating abdominal development into cardio and strength routines. Moreover, you’ll discover strategies for applying the latest research on diet and nutrition to enhance and maintain muscle definition and tone throughout the year.

    If you’re tired of doing endless crunches with limited results, let Abs Revealed show you a better way. With proven plans and personalized programming, it’s your step–by-step guide to six-pack success.

    Part I Core Concepts

    Chapter 1. Stability and Strength for Show

    Chapter 2. The Power of Cardio

    Chapter 3. Development Through Diet

    Part II Exercises for Chiseled Abs

    Chapter 4. Working Toward the Washboard

    Chapter 5. Discovering the Definition

    Chapter 6. Carving the Cut Gut

    Part III Programming and Planning

    Chapter 7 Setting Goals the Right Way

    Chapter 8. Stage 1: Constructing the Core

    Chapter 9. Stage 2: Sculpting the Six-Pack

    Chapter 10. Stage 3: Polishing to Perfection

    Chapter 11. Stage 4: Maintaining Your Results

    Jonathan Ross is an award-winning figure in the world of fitness. He is the owner of Aion Fitness, which provides fitness training, writing, speaking, and consulting services. He also is the personal training director at Sport Fit Total Fitness in Bowie, Maryland. Ross has been featured in Shape, Fitness, Tennis, Women’s Health, Cooking Light, WebMD, and the Washington Post. He is a two-time Personal Trainer of the Year winner (2010 IDEA Health & Fitness Association and 2006 American Council on Exercise) for his creativity and strong leadership in the fitness industry. His career is inspired by his family history of obesity and his “800 pounds of parents,” as he often characterizes it. He is a fitness expert for Discovery Health, where he hosts the video series Everyday Fitness with Jonathan Ross. He was voted the 2008 Best Personal Trainer by Exercise TV and listed as one of the Top 100 Trainers in America by Men’s Journal magazine. A former astronomer, Ross used to study stellar bodies; now he builds them! His favorite activities are hiking, tennis, football, and volleyball—almost any sport involving chasing a ball or a person. He relaxes with music and enjoys caring for saltwater and freshwater fish. Ross lives just outside Washington, DC.

    "Say so long to ab flab! This whip-smart guide to creating a firmer, flatter middle is packed with practical advice on everything from dietary missteps to essential exercises. Ross cuts right to the heart of why most of us are still grabbing at our guts and wondering what went wrong, then gives us his no-fail approach to getting the results we really want."

    Alyssa Shaffer -- Contributing Editor, Prevention Magazine; Former Fitness Director, Fitness Magazine

    "Jonathon Ross is on fire and knows what he's talking about. If you're looking for a solution to a commonly frustrating problem-your waistline-you must read this book."

    Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS -- Owner of Fitness Quest 10, Head of Under Armour Performance Training Council, Two-Time Personal Trainer of the Year (IDEA and ACE)

    "Jonathan Ross gets to the core of the matter in Abs Revealed. I recommend this new and fresh approach."

    Pam Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP -- Host of Discovery Health TV's Could You Survive? and National Body Challenge