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Tennis / Racquet Sports

Championship Tennis PDF
Ebook Table of Contents Author Excerpts Articles & Links Reviews Ebook Step onto the court confident, focused, and prepared to...
$25.95 CAD
Coaching Tennis Technical & Tactical Skills PDF
Ebook Table of Contents Author Reviews Ebook Coaching Tennis Technical and Tactical Skills is a practical resource that will help...
$31.95 CAD
Coaching Tennis Successfully 2nd Edition PDF
Ebook Table of Contents Author Excerpts Reviews Ebook As a coach, your success depends on the success of your players....
$33.95 CAD
Badminton: Steps to Success - 2nd Edition
Book Table of Contents Author Ancillaries Reviews Book Players clocking shuttlecocks at speeds of 200 miles per hour, new scoring...
$31.95 CAD
Tactical Tennis Complete Collection DVD
DVD Author Reviews DVD Hosted by Paul Annacone, coach of Roger Federer and former coach of Pete Sampras and Tim...
$114.95 CAD
Neutralize the Net-Rusher DVD
DVD Author Reviews DVD The player who can charge the net and dictate play with crisp volleys is one of...
$31.95 CAD
Book Table of Contents Author Excerpts Articles & Links Sample Content Book Thought provoking and original, Tennisology delves into the...
$25.95 CAD
Deadly Drop Shots and Lobs DVD
DVD Author DVD The drop shot and lob are two of the most underrated and underutilized shots in tennis. Learn...
$31.95 CAD
Competitive Club Doubles DVD
DVD Author DVD If strictly social doubles is not for you, let Nick Bollettieri show you how to become more...
$31.95 CAD
Right Back Atcha Returns DVD
DVD Author DVD In a world where sonic serves rule the turf, you don't stand a chance without returns that...
$31.95 CAD
Tenacious Net Play DVD
DVD Author DVD Playing aggressively at the net requires anticipation, good preparation, and proper technique on approach shots, volleys, half...
$31.95 CAD
Killer Forehand DVD
DVD Author DVD Take your forehand to its maximum potential as Nick shows you the steps to hitting a signature...
$31.95 CAD
Attack the All Court Player DVD
DVD Author Reviews DVD The most well-rounded opponents can take charge of points and hit winners from anywhere on the...
$31.95 CAD
Doubles Tennis Tactics DVD
DVD DVD Improve your doubles play with the same patterns used by pros. Developed in conjunction with the International Tennis...
$31.95 CAD