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Active Living After School: A How-to Guide for After School Programs

Active Living After School: A How-to Guide for After School Programs

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    This how-to guide was designed to be a convenient one-stop resource that highlights the critical elements of a successful after-school program and provides information and practical tips for ensuring that physical activity and healthy eating are integral components of all after-school programs.


    After-school program leaders, teachers, and school administrators working to develop or improve an after-school program.

    Table of Contents

    Part A. Introduction
    Welcome to Active Living After School
    How to Use This Guide
    The Who, What, Where, and Why of Active Living After School
    Part B. Ingredients for Success: Model
    Community, Connections, and Relationships
    Community Partnerships: A Four-Step Process
    Step 1: Identify Needs
    Step 2: Identify and Attract Potential Partners Through Community Mapping
    Step 3: Establish a Partnership
    Step 4: Evaluate the Partnership
    Program Logistics
    Licensing, Risk Management, and Liability
    Health and Safety
    Leadership and Training
    Attract the Right Leaders
    Screen Leaders
    Train Leaders
    Assess Leaders
    Recognize and Celebrate Leaders
    Planning Quality Programs
    Program Plan
    Weekly Plan
    Activity Plan
    Physical Activity and Healthy Eating
    Physical Activity
    Healthy Eating
    Accessibility and Inclusion for Children and Youth With a Disability
    The Importance of Inclusion for Children and Youth With a Disability
    Eight Steps to Inclusion for Children and Youth With a Disability
    Addressing the Barriers for Specific Target Groups
    Girls and Young Women
    Aboriginal Children and Youth
    Multicultural Communities
    Low-Income Families
    Publicity and Promotion
    Part C. Heart Beater Activities
    Activity Modifications
    Moderate Physical Activity Games
    Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity Games
    Vigorous Physical Activity Games

    Part D. Healthy Eating Activities
    Canada’s Food Guide
    Food Groups
    Making Healthy Decisions
    Putting It All Together

    Part E. Appendixes
    Appendix 1: Partnership Sample Template
    Appendix 2: Funding Sources
    Appendix 3: Planning for Different Ages
    Appendix 4: Program Plan Template
    Appendix 5: Characteristics of Disabilities
    Appendix 6: Practical Tips for Inclusion of Children and Youth With a Disability
    Appendix 7: Tips on Creating Positive Programs for Girls and Young Women
    Appendix 8: Ways to Promote and Publicize Your After-School Program
    Appendix 9: Guidelines for Developing Promotional Materials

    About the Author

    Physical & Health Education Canada (PHE Canada) is a national leader and vital contributor in fostering achievement and health among Canadian children and youth by supporting physical and health education and active living initiatives where children live, learn, and play. PHE Canada’s vision is a future wherein all children and youth in Canada live healthy, physically active lives.

    Contributors: Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability, Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity, Celine Charboneau, Jenny Cooper, HIGH FIVE, Kathy Hunt, Fern McCracken, Joanna Shepherd, PhD, Don Hutchison, Ken Lodewyk, PhD, Sharon May, Cheryl McCombe, Daniel Robinson, Anna Humphrey, Amber Muir, Megan Quinn, Laurissa Kenworthy.