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Top-selling books for sport coaches

Whether you're a sport coach looking to hone your skills as leader, communicator, and manager or a sport administrator or athletic director overseeing a coaching staff, our best-selling coaching books can take your coaching and sport programs to a new level.

Winning Ways of Women Coaches cover

Winning Ways of Women Coaches

Twenty of the most exceptional women coaches in the world have lent their expertise and experience to Winning Ways of Women Coaches, providing women coaches with the acumen and inspiration to succeed in the coaching profession. Edited by volleyball coaching legend Cecile Reynaud, endorsed by WeCOACH, and embodying the spirit of "If she can see it, she can be it," Winning Ways of Women Coaches will reinvigorate current coaches and inspire would-be coaches to make the leap into coaching.


Coaching Better Every Season cover

Coaching Better Every Season: A Year-Round System for Athlete Development and Program Success

Coaching Better Every Season presents a blueprint for such success, detailing proven coaching methods and practices in preseason, in-season, postseason, and off-season. Author Wade Gilbert shares his research-supported doses of advice that have helped coaches around the globe troubleshoot their ailing programs into title contenders.


Sport Coaches' Handbook cover

Sport Coaches' Handbook

Sport Coaches' Handbook helps coaches to fulfill their chosen role while considering their personal values and philosophy, the athletes they coach, and the environment in which they work. The book's internationally recognized contributors collectively represent more than 300 years of coaching experience and bring to the book their extensive knowledge of coaching. Sport Coaches' Handbook is the clear choice for coaches and coach educators dedicated to developing and improving coaches and furthering the profession of coaching.


Successful Coaching, Fifth Edition

As America's best-selling coaching text, Successful Coaching has helped over a million coaches develop their coaching philosophies; improve their communication, teaching, and management skills; and understand their responsibilities as a coach. Educating coaches on the principles, knowledge, and skills needed to build a foundation for their decisions and actions, the newly updated fifth edition of Successful Coaching was co-written by Human Kinetics founder Rainer Martens and Miami University in Ohio professor Robin Vealey. Successful Coaching is the text for the Coaching Principles Fifth Edition Online Course offered by Human Kinetics Coach Education.


The Language of Coaching cover

The Language of Coaching

The Language of Coaching focuses on the impact that communication has on an individual's ability to learn and perform a movement. Written by performance coach Nick Winkelman, the book examines how instruction, feedback, and cueing can significantly affect training outcomes. Grounded in motor learning and the science of attentional focus, The Language of Coaching walks you through practical coaching frameworks that will help you adapt your language to the learning needs of those you support.


Coach Education Essentials cover

Coach Education Essentials

Sport coaches have a tremendous influence—positive or negative—in the lives of athletes. Too often, however, the delivery of quality coaching is left to chance. Athletes deserve coaches who create positive environments, foster skill development, and build character. In Coach Education Essentials, leading coach educators and professionals from around the world cover the core elements of coach education and development, and describe how best to understand, cultivate, and evaluate quality coaching.


Coaching Excellence cover

Coaching Excellence

From evaluating and teaching skills to motivation, nutrition and safety, Coaching Excellence is the complete guide to becoming a complete coach. This comprehensive manual focuses on the three key facets of coaching: 1) roles and responsibilities of a coach, 2) coaching plans and methods used to achieve goals and objectives, and 3) applications of the sport sciences to improve athlete fitness and acumen.


Sport and Character cover

Sport and Character: Reclaiming the Principles of Sportsmanship

Sport and Character will help those involved in sport practice and teach respect for opponents, coaches, officials, teammates, and the game. Illustrating the importance of clarifying the boundaries of healthy competition and modeling the principles of fair play, Sport and Character brings to the forefront what is required to be a good sport.