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Top 8 game resources under $33 to encourage youth to be physical active

Posted by Lynn Kincaid on

Looking for the best books and ebooks under $33 to encourage youth to be physical active? We've got what you need whether it's for a PE program, homeschooling program, or for parents wanting to keep their kids moving.

Team Building Through Physical Challenges

Team Building Through Physical Challenges explains the concepts involved in team building, shows how to set up teams to facilitate growth, and provides 67 mentally and physically challenging games and activities that will foster team building and the development of numerous social-emotional skills.


Chicken and Noodle Games offers a variety of games that will keep everyone participating. Provide inclusive and nontraditional games in which no player starts with an advantage, adapt games to various settings and occasions, and increase players' physical activity.


Building Character, Community, and a Growth Mindset in Physical Education offers more than 60 large-group warm-up activities, character-building activities, and team-building challenges. The book, which comes with a web resource, will help you prepare students for success in college and beyond.


50 Games for Going Green: Physical Activities That Teach Healthy Environmental Concepts is a collection of easy-to-present activities that educate students in the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling as well as concepts of carbon footprint reduction, climate change, and global warming.


Geocaching for Schools and Communities includes 41 learning experiences for all ages. Take either a high-tech approach (using triangulation to locate latitudes and longitudes) or a low-tech approach (involving maps) to find a cache. Learn how to develop events and programs and use the games as interdisciplinary learning experiences.


Games for Motor Learning provides you with 111 field-tested games your students will enjoy. These games integrate the schema theory of discrete motor skill learning, cooperative learning, and brain research on emotions and learning into a unified teaching concept.


Youth Strength Training guides readers in developing safe, effective, and enjoyable training programs for ages 7 to 18.


Best New Games provides a comprehensive collection of games, presenting low, low/moderate, moderate, and high activity level games for getting acquainted, developing sensitivity and trust, building teamwork, and opening and closing play sessions.


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