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Inside the Physical Education Digital Library K-5

Hundreds of lesson plans, activities, and assessments—just a click away!


The Physical Education Digital Library K-5 is a complete elementary physical education resource delivered online and accessed from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Only $49 (US), this resource will help you meet the national physical education standards and grade-level outcomes without having to build a program from scratch.



Read a quick explanation of the library and how to use it.





Click any national physical education standard to see all the lesson plans that address the standard.





Click the desired grade ribbon to find all the lesson plans designed for that grade level.





Find lesson plans based on the major topic: Cognitive Application, Locomotor Movements, Nonlocomotor Movements, and so on.




Sort the lesson plans by the dozens of locomotor and nonlocomotor skills covered by the plans' activities.




Find lesson plans that include warm-up activities, activities for skill development, cool-down activities, fitness concepts, and authentic assessments. Just click to download them or use them right on your device.


The Lesson Details window identifies grade level, primary and secondary objectives, and exit outcomes. It also gives you the option to download all the lesson's resources, see other lessons on the same topic, and provide feedback in a comment box.


Learn more about Physical Education Digital Library K-5.