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HK has all the resources to address NASPE standards - Standard #6 Featured

Begin with a physical challenge. Add a heavy dose of fun. Divide into teams. What do you have? Adventure racing events and units that are easily planned for a field day or a regular class period using equipment you already have. Adventure Racing Activities for Fun and Fitness: A CORE Experience is the brainchild of Dan DeJager, a physical education teacher and adventure racing enthusiast, and Cathrine Himberg, an instructor of future physical educators and advocate for effective physical education who want to pass the fun along to kids. Adventure racing is a sport that combines two or more disciplines and emphasizes teamwork—in fact, the CORE in the book's title stands for cooperative obstacle racing experience. In adventure races, teammates work together to finish an obstacle course as quickly as possible.

Teachers want their students to be successful—not just in the classroom, but throughout their lives as well. Through PE Connections: Helping Kids Succeed Through Physical Activity, teachers can provide the experiences that help students succeed in a much broader sense than is usually associated with a physical education class. PE Connections accomplishes this by offering teachers and after-school care providers three instructional approaches that expand the definition of student success: teaching quality physical education, building social and personal competencies through developmental assets, and creating the foundation for a coordinated school health program. The activities in the book are the integration of physical activity, development of social competencies, and health strategies.

Fitness for Life is a program for high school and middle school physical education and personal fitness courses. At each level, the student-friendly textbook engages student interest and the teacher resources make teaching the course easy and convenient.

The Fitness for Life program features

  • Highly respected author teams
  • Content that meets national and state educational standards
  • Texty Award winning student texts
  • Careful integration with other subject areas
  • Content that's perfectly coordinated between middle school and high school
  • A focus on lifelong physical activity and fitness
  • Thorough coverage of important concepts and self-management skills
  • An emphasis on diversity and social responsibility
  • Comprehensive lesson plans and ancillaries in easy-to-use teacher resources