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Best Practices: Helping Older Adults Get Moving

Despite the well-documented benefits of physical activity, including reduced risk of chronic disease, healthier weight, reduced stress, improved brain health, and higher energy levels, it can be difficult to convince older adults to add more physical activity to their lives. Research shows that starting with low-intensity activities, offering social support, and building positive attitudes toward physical activity are all effective in encouraging older adults to move.

Active Living Partners discussed these and other proven methods for increasing physical activity in the webinar, "Best Practices: Helping Older Adults Get Moving." The webinar offers practical tips and techniques for helping older adults improve their health by making physical activity part of their daily routine. The webinar panelists are experienced program directors who have successfully implemented physical activity programs for older adults in their communities. They discussed a number of topics, including

  • Recent research on the benefits of physical activity
  • The importance of choosing evidence-based programs
  • Building effective partnerships
  • Marketing your program
  • Motivating older participants
  • Program management
  • Evidence-based programs they’ve used in their communities 

Click here to download the presentation slides.

There are no continuing education credits attached to this webinar. For questions, visit

Maria Avalos, BS, CHES

Health and Wellness Coordinator

West Central Florida Area Agency on Aging, Inc.


Bill Browning

Management Consultant


Alisa Phillips, MHA

Planning/Innovation Analyst

Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio

The barriers to adopting a healthy lifestyle are as varied and complex as the people trying to overcome them. Active Living Partners (ALP) is dedicated to helping people break through those barriers to improve their health and quality of life. These webinars help fitness centers, worksites, senior residences, community health programs, hospitals, and universities empower people to change their health habits.

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