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Scuba Diving 5th Edition

Scuba Diving 5th Edition

$45.95 CAD


Product Format

    The best-selling authoritative resource returns updated and better than ever.

    Scuba Diving, Fifth Edition, is the most up-to-date resource for experiencing secure, satisfying dives. Packed with full-color photographs and detailed diving instruction, this is the ideal companion for recreational divers, diving instructors, and students.

    Veteran instructor Dennis Graver shares the latest research, science, and recommendations as well as nearly 40 years of diving experience. He demystifies complex topics such as gas laws and the physics and physiology of scuba. You’ll also learn these skills:

    • Equalize pressure in the sinuses, ears, and mask.

    • Follow boat diving and buddy check procedures.

    • Master the nuances of dive planning and decompression so that every dive is safe and enjoyable.

    • Choose, use, and maintain scuba equipment.

    • Safely enjoy the underwater environment, including aquatic wildlife.

    • Prevent or manage underwater emergencies and hazards.

    In this new edition you’ll find Application of Knowledge (AOK) questions and answers. For the first time, you’ll be able to apply the information and guidelines to real-world scuba problems, making you better prepared for those unexpected situations you might encounter.

    Whether you are a beginning or intermediate diver or diving instructor, make sure you have all the bases covered before you go underwater. Scuba Diving will ensure a safe, successful, and rewarding dive every time you take the plunge.

    Chapter 1 Diving Into Scuba

    Chapter 2 Diving Science

    Chapter 3 Diving Adjustments

    Chapter 4 Diving Equipment

    Chapter 5 Diving Environment

    Chapter 6 Diving Skills

    Chapter 7 Dive Planning

    Chapter 8 Diving Opportunities

    Dennis Graver has been a scuba instructor and instructor trainer since 1968. He has written 27 books and manuals on the subject, including four previous editions of Scuba Diving published by Human Kinetics. As director of training for the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), he designed the PADI modular scuba course and wrote the PADI Dive Manual, which revolutionized scuba instruction. During his tenure as director of education for the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI), Graver wrote several diving texts and manuals, including the NAUI Open Water I Scuba Diver Course Instructor Guide. He has contributed hundreds of articles on diving to magazines such as Skin Diver, Sources, and Undercurrents as well as several NAUI technical publications.

    Merging twin passions, Graver has expertly photographed many wonders under the water from the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt to the barrier reefs of Australia. He has won numerous awards from the Underwater Photographic Society, and his photos have graced the covers of numerous magazines and illustrated several diving texts and audiovisual educational programs.

    Graver and his wife, Barbara, live in Camano Island, Washington.