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Football Skills & Drills - 2nd Edition

Football Skills & Drills - 2nd Edition

$33.95 CAD


Product Format

    The best-selling guide on the essentials of the game is bigger, better, and more comprehensive than ever.

    Solid blocking, sure tackling, proper footwork, precise routes, correct coverage angles, and synchronized body movements—these basic techniques are all essential to winning football. Football Skills & Drills is your guide to success, explaining how to teach key skills and consistent execution to players in offensive, defensive, and special-teams positions.

    You will benefit from the same techniques used by top college and professional teams, along with a complete arsenal of 114 drills. From quarterback rollouts for winning touchdowns to block-shedding maneuvers for drive-stopping sacks, Football Skills & Drills translates technical instruction into on-field application, depicting exactly how each pass, pattern, route, catch, block, tackle, and kick is performed.

    Gridiron champions are made on the practice field. Football Skills & Drills serves as a great foundation in your quest for a title.

    Chapter 1 All Players

    Chapter 2 Quarterbacks

    Chapter 3 Offensive Linemen

    Chapter 4 Running Backs

    Chapter 5 Wide Receivers

    Chapter 6 Tight Ends

    Chapter 7 Defensive Linemen

    Chapter 8 Linebackers

    Chapter 9 Defensive Backs

    Chapter 10 Special-Teams Players

    Tom Bass coached with three NFL teams—the Cincinnati Bengals, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the San Diego Chargers—as well as at the collegiate level at San Jose State University and San Diego State University.

    For the past ten years coach Bass has served as the technical writer and advisor for USA Football and was a major contributor to the content of USA Football’s new multilevel youth football age specific coaching certification program. He serves as the chairman of the technical committee for USA Football and hosts the "Let's Talk Football" Q&A column on their website Coach Bass also interacts with and advises football coaches, players, parents, and fans. Bass is the creator of Coach Bass Sport Maps, the author of a Nintendo game from NFL Properties named “NFL,” and several books. He is a longtime editor of the official Super Bowl Program. He has been a featured guest on numerous sports talk and interview shows on radio and television, including HBO, ABC Nightly News, and ESPN. Bass resides in Carlsbad, California.

    Tom has always been regarded as one of the great minds in the game of football. Football coaches at all levels will find great benefit from his thoughts and principles.

    Pete Carroll

    Head Football Coach

    Seattle Seahawks