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Cutting-Edge Cycling

Cutting-Edge Cycling

$27.95 CAD


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    Increase speed, power, endurance, and efficiency with Cutting-Edge Cycling. You’ll learn how to apply the latest in cycling research, science, and technology to train smarter, ride longer, and race faster.

    Renowned cycling coach Hunter Allen and leading scientist Stephen Cheung share the most recent biomechanical, physiological, and technical advances and research, why they matter, and how you can incorporate them for maximal training and optimal performance.

    From the latest information on periodization, lactate threshold, and recovery to bike fit, pedaling technique, and cadence, Cutting-Edge Cycling covers every aspect of conditioning, preparation, and competition in this physically demanding sport. Additional coverage includes interviews on a broad range of topics: interpreting lab results, fatigue, monitoring training, high-intensity training, prevention of and recovery from overtraining, pacing, power meter quadrant analysis, hydration, and cooling strategies.

    If you’re serious about gaining the edge on the competition, Cutting-Edge Cycling is one guide you shouldn’t be without.

    Chapter 1 Evaluating Cycling Science

    Chapter 2 Producing and Measuring Energy

    Chapter 3 Tracking Effort and Performance

    Chapter 4 Periodizing Your Training

    Chapter 5 Preventing Overtraining and Enhancing Recovery

    Chapter 6 Finding Your Perfect Pace

    Chapter 7 Optimizing Bike Fit

    Chapter 8 Pedaling for Peak Efficiency

    Chapter 9 Understanding Hydration and Supplements

    Chapter 10 Dealing With Environmental Stress

    Hunter Allen is a former professional cyclist, renowned coach, and expert in using power meters to train endurance athletes. As a professional racer for 17 years, he earned more than 40 career victories in competitions around the world. He was considered a great all-arounder who had the race tactics and skills essential for success at a professional level. Upon retiring from racing, Allen became a USAC elite-level cycling coach and certified nutrition consultant. He has coached more than 400 athletes, including Olympic cyclists, champions of the European road racing circuit, and champion mountain bikers. Allen is a frequent presenter at USA Cycling's coaching certification courses and was a technical consultant to the 2008 USA Cycling BMX Olympic team.

    Allen writes for Road magazine and UK-based Cycling Weekly, and he coauthored Trainingand Racing With a Power Meter. Allen is the founder of Peaks Coaching Group, which specializes in training cyclists and other endurance athletes. He is a codeveloper of TrainingPeaks WKO software, a leading program for analyzing data from power meters. His passion is applying science and technology toward improving athletic performance.

    Allen lives in Bedford, Virginia, with his wife and three children.

    As the science and training editor for PezCyclingNews (web site), Stephen Cheung, PhD, focuses on translating cutting-edge scientific research into practical guidance for both cyclists and coaches. Cheung has authored more than 100 articles that cover respiratory training, altitude training, precooling and fatigue in the heat, hydration, optimal cadence, pacing strategies, jet lag, supplements, hypoxic stress, and the reliability of exercise testing protocols.

    Cheung holds a Canada research chair in environmental ergonomics at Brock University, where his research focuses on the effects of thermal stress on human physiology and performance. He is also the author of Advanced Environmental Exercise Physiology (Human Kinetics, 2009). Cheung helped to establish the sport science support network for the Canadian Sport Centre in Atlantic Canada and has consulted with the Canadian national rowing and snowboard teams on specific sport performance projects. Cheung has also served as a cycling official and as a board member of the Canadian Cycling Association.

    Cheung is a passionate cyclist who has been commuting and competing on the road for more than 25 years. The highlight of his cycling experiences was meeting his wife, Debbie, during a cross-Canada ride in 1996.

    Hunter and Stephen are two of the most knowledgeable people in the art of coaching and the science of cycling. Cutting-Edge Cycling is a definite must-have book.”

    Scott Moninger-- Winningest U.S. Professional Cyclist

    “As an athlete, I am constantly searching for ways to improve my performance. I am excited to see Hunter and Stephen's combined expertise laid out in Cutting-Edge Cycling. This book reveals practical ways to implement the latest in sport science and training so I can go faster!”

    Jeremiah Bishop-- 12-Time Member of USA Cycling National Team, Pan America Games Gold Medalist, 2008 USA National Champion of Short Track Cross Country and Marathon Mountain Bike

    "Hunter and Stephen tell you how to work smarter. If you are ready to go to the next level, then Cutting-Edge Cycling is the book for you."

    Daniel Lloyd-- IG-Sigma Sport

    “Applying science to experience is the key to racing faster. Cutting-Edge Cycling will show you how.”

    Joe Friel-- Endurance Sports Coach, Founder of USA Triathlon National Coaching Commission, Author of Cycling Past 50, The Triathlete's Training Bible, and The Cyclist's Training Bible

    “Hunter Allen and Stephen Cheung translate the most recent science into practical training information for cyclists. Cutting-Edge Cycling will be a vital component to any cyclist’s success.”

    John Howard-- Author of Mastering Cycling