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Volleyball Coaching Bible, Volume II, The

Volleyball Coaching Bible, Volume II, The

$34.95 CAD


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    Building on the success of the first volume of The Volleyball Coaching Bible, the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) brings you The Volleyball Coaching Bible, Volume II. Featuring contributions from 20 of the top volleyball minds in the game today, this resource will help you build your program, shape and improve your team, and sharpen your coaching skills in key areas such as these:

    • Building and managing your program

    • Developing players’ skills by position

    • Establishing and implementing match strategy

    • Training and conditioning athletes

    • Offensive tactics

    • Scouting and analyzing opponents

    • Evaluating statistics and using them to your advantage

    • Planning practices

    The Volleyball Coaching Bible, Volume II presents the drills top coaches use for developing players at each position and offers insights on in-game strategies for various match situations, including strategic serving, defensive schemes, and on-the-go decision making.

    In addition to on-court Xs and Os, you’ll learn what it takes to establish a successful high school, college, and beach volleyball program. Setting program expectations and tactics, building a positive and winning culture, recruiting the right way, and running camps are all keys to sustained program success shared in The Volleyball Coaching Bible, Volume II.

    Endorsed by the AVCA and edited by volleyball coaching legend Cecile Reynaud, The Volleyball Coaching Bible, Volume II covers the entire court in describing and coaching the nuances of the game and shaping a successful program. It’s a practical and motivational resource that you’ll refer to season after season in your coaching career.

    Part I Coaching Priorities

    Chapter 1. Sharing the Passion

    Chapter 2. Defining Expectations

    Chapter 3. Developing a Positive Team Culture

    Chapter 4. Developing a Growth Mind-Set

    Part II Program Building and Management

    Chapter 5. Building a Winning High School Program

    Chapter 6. Building a Winning College Program

    Chapter 7. Starting a Sand Volleyball Program

    Chapter 8. Running a Successful Volleyball Camp

    Chapter 9. Recruiting the Right Way

    Chapter 10. Developing a Five-Year Plan

    Part III Positional Training Strategies

    Chapter 11. Training Middle Hitters

    Chapter 12. Training Outside Hitters

    Chapter 13. Training Setters

    Chapter 14. Training Liberos

    Part IV Match Preparation and Strategy

    Chapter 15. Deliberate Practice Concepts

    Chapter 16. Scouting Opponents the Right Way

    Chapter 17. Statistics for More Effective Coaching

    Chapter 18. Offensive Tactical Charts

    Chapter 19. Serving Strategically

    Chapter 20. On-Court Decision Making

    Cecile Reynaud was the head coach of the Florida State University (FSU) volleyball team from 1976 until her retirement from coaching in 2001, compiling an impressive 635 wins in her 26 years at the helm. After her coaching career, Reynaud was a research associate professor at Florida State University, where she taught both graduate and undergraduate classes in the sport management program.

    During her illustrious coaching career, she won seven conference championships and was twice named Atlantic Coast Conference Coach of the Year (1992, 2000). She was inducted into the FSU Athletic Hall of Fame (2009) and the USA Volleyball Florida Region Hall of Fame (2011). She is a member of the USA Volleyball board of directors and the AVCA board of directors. Reynaud is also a USA Volleyball CAP clinician.

    Reynaud has served as color analyst for collegiate volleyball matches on Fox Sports Net South, Sunshine Network, and ESPN. She earned her doctorate degree in athletic administration from FSU in 1998.

    She is a 1975 graduate of Southwest Missouri State University (SMSU), where she enjoyed an exceptional volleyball career and was twice named among the Outstanding College Athletes in America. In 1983, she was inducted into the SMSU Women’s Athletics Hall of Fame.

    The American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) is dedicated to the advancement of the sport of volleyball with AVCA coaches at the epicenter of leadership, advocacy, and professional development. With a membership of over 6,400 and counting, the AVCA provides a professional network for those individuals and companies dedicated to enhancing and promoting the sport. Members include collegiate, high school, club, youth, and Olympic coaches as well as volleyball club directors. The AVCA provides education to volleyball coaches, recognition of elite players and coaches, promotion of volleyball competitions throughout the world, and networking opportunities for volleyball products and service providers.

    The American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) has brought together 20 of the brightest, most successful coaches in the game today to cover topics most critical to serious coaches and to share personal insights and secrets from their hundreds of years of combined coaching experience. Contributing coaches include the following:

    Ben Bodipo-Memba

    Chris Catanach

    Jamie Morrison

    Shelton Collier

    John Kessel

    Charlie Sullivan

    Becky Schmidt

    Randy Dagostino

    Todd Lowery

    Danalee Corso

    Salima Rockwell

    Bill Ferguson

    Erin Mellinger

    Wayne Kreklow

    Erik Sullivan

    Gylton Da Matta

    Joe Trinsey

    Todd Dagenais

    Bill Neville

    Jennifer Petrie

    The Volleyball Coaching Bible, Volume II, is an absolute must-read for volleyball coaches at all levels, and a wonderful addition to the available current volleyball texts. With the guidance of Cecile Reynaud, one of the most respected and experienced coaches of all time, this comprehensive book provides foundational concepts and expert advice that will surely help any coach become an even better coach.”

    Doug Beal-- Chief Executive Officer USA Volleyball

    “As one of Cecile’s former players, I benefited from her innate ability to get the best out of me and my teammates, and she’s done the same with the coaches who have contributed to this outstanding resource. I recommend this book to any volleyball coach who is serious about bringing the best game to the court.”

    Gabrielle Reece-- Proprietor of, dedicated to healthy living, Women’s Beach Volleyball League (WBVL) and FIVB star, One of Women’s Sports & Fitness magazine’s 20 Most Influential Women in Sports, August 1997, 1997 WBVL world champion, 1997 Florida State University Athletic Hall of Fame inductee, 1994 and 1995 WBVL Offensive Player of the Year

    “This is a book for those who love volleyball and for whom sharing that love is as essential as breathing.”

    Kathy DeBoer-- Executive Director American Volleyball Coaches Association