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Sports Broadcasting With HKPropel Access

Sports Broadcasting With HKPropel Access

$138.95 CAD


Product Format
    With the thrill of the game and the excitement of documenting captivating moments for sports history, sports broadcasting is one of the most desired jobs among sports and journalism professionals. Designed to provide students with the skills to be successful in their careers, Sports Broadcasting With HKPropel Access is a comprehensive look at the field, with coverage of all aspects of the job that an entry-level sports broadcaster will need to know about.

    The text begins with the history and background of the sports broadcasting industry. Students will next learn about modern topics that are critical in the business today, with an overview of the various outlets, including television, radio, streaming, and podcasting. They will then dive into lessons on the skills every sportscaster needs for success, including conducting in-person and remote interviews of coaches and players, writing for broadcast versus writing for other channels such as web and mobile devices, shooting games or events, producing a sportscast, and editing video for broadcast.

    The career demands of both television and radio broadcasting are explored, and the increasing popularity of podcasting and streaming is examined. Students will journey through the steps involved in preparing for a live sports production, including play-by-play for radio and television, color commentary, and sideline reporting. A look into the different types of social media and their impact on sports broadcasting is followed by tips and advice on creating an effective social media presence and best practices for using social media as a sports broadcaster. The final chapters prepare students to pursue a career in sports broadcasting—offering practical advice on preparing resumes, portfolios, and job searching—and discuss issues and ethics relevant to modern-day sports broadcasting.

    Throughout the text, Major Moments sidebars discuss defining moments in the history of sports broadcasting and their impact on the field today, while Pro Advice sidebars feature interviews with sports broadcasting professionals and offer career tips and practical advice.

    Related online learning aids and activities delivered through HKPropel further the learning experience. These include key term flash cards and downloadable worksheets. Video lessons and audio clips demonstrate skills covered in the text, such as setting up for an interview, capturing footage with a cell phone camera, and preparing for a broadcast. Student activities related to the video can be assigned and tracked by instructors through HKPropel, while writing prompts and a video editing assignment provide valuable hands-on experience in tasks students will need to be successful in their careers.

    With Sports Broadcasting, students will gain the knowledge and practical skills they need to be a well-rounded broadcaster in any segment of the field.

    Note: A code for accessing HKPropel is included with all new print books.


    Undergraduate level textbook for courses on sports media or sports broadcasting.
    Chapter 1. History of Sports Broadcasting
    The Beginnings of Sports Broadcasting on Radio
    Early Days of Sports Broadcasting on Television
    Impact of Cable Television
    The Internet

    Chapter 2. Business of Sports Broadcasting
    Why Live Sports?
    Rights Deals
    The Olympics
    Cable Fees
    Cord Cutting

    Chapter 3. Types of Sports Broadcasting
    National Television
    Local Television
    Sports Talk Radio
    Internet Streaming
    Team Media
    Live Sports Production

    Chapter 4. Interviewing
    Types of Interviews
    Conducting the Interview
    Shooting the Interview for Television
    Interview Access

    Chapter 5. Writing for Broadcast
    Types of Stories
    Broadcast Writing Style
    Using Sound Bites
    Writing Different Types of Scripts
    Script Formatting
    Example of Scripts

    Chapter 6. Writing for the Web and Mobile Devices
    Increased Importance of the Web
    Writing the Story
    Writing for Online
    Writing Style for the Web and Mobile Devices
    Associated Press Style
    Rewriting a Story from Broadcast to Print

    Chapter 7. Shooting Games and Events
    Types of Shooting
    Shooting Highlights
    Shooting Events
    Shooting Strategies
    Types of Shots
    It’s Time to Shoot!
    Broadcasting Full Games

    Chapter 8. Television Broadcasting
    Local or National?
    Producing a Sportscast
    Editing Video
    Anchoring the Sportscast
    A Day in the Life of a Local Sportscaster

    Chapter 9. Radio Broadcasting and Podcasting
    Radio Stories
    Sports Talk Radio

    Chapter 10. Live Sports Production
    Before the Game Starts
    During the Game
    Radio Versus Television Play-by-Play
    Role of the Color Commentator
    Role of the Sideline Reporter
    Homer or Impartial?
    Behind-the-Scenes Jobs of Live Sports Production

    Chapter 11. Social Media
    Blogs (The Old Social Media)
    Types of Social Media
    Social Media Lingo
    Impact of Social Media on Sports Broadcasting
    Setting Up a Social Media Account
    Proper Use of Social Media
    Social Media Policies
    Social Media in Action
    A Week of @CollegeGameDay
    Athletes and Social Media

    Chapter 12. Careers in Sports Broadcasting
    Be Realistic
    Getting Relevant Experience
    The Written Resume
    The Resume Reel
    The Online Portfolio
    Social Media
    The Job Search

    Chapter 13. Issues and Ethics in Sports Broadcasting
    Coverage of Race, Gender, and Sexuality
    Women in Sports Broadcasting
    Racial Minorities in Sports Broadcasting
    Stick to Sports
    Ethics in Sports Broadcasting
    Kevin Hull, PhD, is an associate professor of journalism and the lead instructor of the sports media initiative at the University of South Carolina. Before entering academia, Hull was a television sports broadcaster for an NBC affiliate in North Carolina for about seven years. In this role, he anchored and reported on local sports while also serving as photographer, editor, and producer for his own stories. His work has sent him to the Super Bowl, NCAA Tournaments, and many additional amateur and professional sporting events. Hull won several statewide awards for Best Sports Feature from the Radio and Television News Directors Association of the Carolinas, and his department’s sportscasts were the most watched in the market.

    As a researcher, Hull focuses primarily on local sports broadcasters throughout the United States. He has studied the challenges new sports broadcasters face, the issues surrounding race and gender in the profession, and how universities are preparing students to enter the field of sportscasting. His published studies have discussed sports media education, how sportscasters are using social media, and sports media internships.

    All ancillaries are free to adopting instructors through HKPropel.

    Instructor guide. Includes an introduction, a sample syllabus, and suggestions on how to use the student activities in HKPropel. Solutions for the assignments and answers to the review questions in the book are provided, and writing and editing prompts will help the instructor test students on the materials taught in the book.

    Instructors also receive access to all student materials in HKPropel. For Sports Broadcasting, this includes key term flash cards, downloadable worksheets, video lessons, and audio clips that demonstrate the practical skills covered in the text. Accompanying student activities can be assigned and tracked by instructors. A video editing assignment featuring raw footage from a college softball game provides a hands-on opportunity for students to practice editing skills.

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