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Effective Leadership in Adventure Programming Field Handbook 3rd Edition PDF

Effective Leadership in Adventure Programming Field Handbook 3rd Edition PDF

$79.95 CAD


Product Format

    Effective Leadership in Adventure Programming Mini eBook, Third Edition, presents key models, concepts, and checklists from the text in an abbreviated form that is easily accessed and referenced in the field. Refreshers on the most important concepts from the text are at your fingertips in this field handbook; use either the topically arranged table of contents or the alphabetical table of contents to quickly locate the information you need.

    Outdoor Leadership and the Brick Wall

    Modified Accident Equation

    Danger Analysis

    Adapted Crisis Management

    Environmental Checklists

    Six Stages of Outdoor Trips

    Trip-Planning Checklist

    Outward Bound Process Model

    Three Types of Transfer

    Four Phases of Experiential Learning

    Six Philosophical Questions

    Three Types of Ethics

    Understand Nonnegotiable Values

    Professional Ethics

    Moral Reasoning Model

    Adventure Experience Paradigm

    Competence Effectance

    Conditional Leadership Model

    Flexible Style for Group Leadership

    Communication and Feedback

    Listening and Speaking Checklists

    Six Steps for Conflict Resolution


    Learning Gradient


    Seven Instructional Combinations

    Facilitation Checklists

    Facilitation Overview



    Nonverbal Alternatives






    Group Decision Making

    Fifty Decision-Making Biases

    Creative Decision Making

    Multiphasic Problem Solving

    Five Breakdowns

    Sound Judgment and Refraction

    A Dozen Heuristics

    Intuition and Judgment Checklist

    Competency Framework

    Both Simon Priest and Mike Gass are subject matter experts in outdoor leadership, adventure programming, and the facilitation of learning and change. They have separately authored hundreds of publications, presented thousands of experiential workshops, and delivered dozens of keynote addresses for conferences. They have taught in more than 60 nations around the world, and they enjoy collaborating on scholarly endeavors and climbing mountains together.

    Dr. Simon Priest is a Canadian from Burnaby, British Columbia (near Vancouver). His areas of expertise include corporate training and development, wilderness resource management, and adventure travel and ecotourism. In addition to being a dean, provost, vice chancellor, senior vice president, president, and commissioner, he has held full professorships in business management, online education, and recreation and leisure. He has received more than 15 awards for his teaching and research, including the Willi Unsoeld Award from the Association for Experiential Education, and he has been invited as a visiting scholar at about 30 international institutions.

    Dr. Michael Gass is an American from Durham, New Hampshire (near Boston). His areas of expertise include adventure therapy, wilderness orientation programs, and program accreditation. He is the director of the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Research Center (OBHRC) as well as the National Association for Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) research database. He is a full professor at the University of New Hampshire as well as a licensed marriage and family therapist. He currently leads and directs several critical research initiatives in the field of behavioral health care. He has received more than 20 awards, including the Kurt Hahn Award, Distinguished Researcher Award, and Outstanding Teacher Award from the Association for Experiential Education. He has been invited as a visiting scholar at about 20 international institutions.