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Transforming Play eBook

Transforming Play eBook

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    The e-book for Transforming Play is available at a reduced price. It allows you to highlight, take notes, and easily use all the material in the book in seconds. The e-book is delivered through Adobe Digital Editions® and when purchased through the Human Kinetics site, access to the content is immediately granted when your order is received.
    Kids love to play games. But learning the tactics and skills so that they can more fully enjoy them and do well at them is not easy. And the traditional, highly structured, teacher-directed approach of teaching the tactics and skills separate from the games themselves makes the process quite boring for the kids—who, after all, just want to play the game.

    Enter Transforming Play: Teaching Tactics and Game Sense. This book uses a games approach that not only works but that kids love. Kids learn the fundamentals of game play through playing the game itself, using its basic tactics, and then learning the skills involved as they attempt to execute the tactics.

    Transforming Play: Teaching Tactics and Game Sense. includes
    • an introduction to using generic games to develop key skills and tactics;
    • games that you can use to develop kids’ gross motor skills and tactical understanding, which can be transferred to and used in many popular sports;
    • sport-specific sections with ideas for games you can use with children in learning school sports;
    • questions and coaching points you can use at key moments in teaching tactics and strategies as the kids play the games; and
    • support materials for authentic assessment that enhances rather than intrudes on the learning experience.

    This book provides you with all you need to help your students learn tactics and game sense. You’ll learn the theory behind using generic games and play that will help your students begin to understand the key tactical principles and develop the gross motor skills—running, dodging, catching, throwing, and kicking—that they can use in many popular sports.

    Transforming Play: Teaching Tactics and Game Sense. also offers ideas you can use to help kids transfer the general tactics and gross motor skills they have learned to specific sports, including basketball, soccer, badminton, and netball.

    Through Transforming Play: Teaching Tactics and Game Sense., you have access to great tools that help you teach students attack and defense games that develop their gross motor skills and tactical understanding of several games. The kids learn the tactics and skills—and they have fun doing so.


    Reference for secondary school teachers, primary school teachers, teachers in training, and coaches.

    Table of Contents


    Games Model Instruction: The Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) Model
    How to Use This Book

    Chapter 1. Fundamental Movements and Tactics
    The Great Escape
    Block Buster
    Cone Down
    One Bounce
    Crossbar Catch
    Rotation Catch
    Wall Ball
    Corner Ball
    Space Pass 1, 2 and 3
    Throw Golf
    Piltz Pass

    Chapter 2. Attack and Defence Tactics
    Man-to-Man Defence
    Zone Defence
    Progressive (Layering) and Sliding Defence
    Team Formations
    Culminating Games

    Chapter 3. Applying TGfU to Teaching Badminton, Basketball and Netball

    Chapter 4. Applying TGfU to Teaching Football
    Learning Sequence
    Flick up, Catch and Run
    Side Foot Pass

    Chapter 5. Authentic Assessment
    Enhancing Learning and Game Performance
    What Is Authentic Assessment?
    Assessing Declarative Knowledge and Affect
    Assessing Team Performance

    About the Author

    About the Author

    Dennis G. Slade, MPhil, is a senior lecturer and coordinator of the BEd secondary physical education degree at Massey University in Palmerston North, New Zealand. He has played national and international sport and is currently a member of the New Zealand men’s masters field hockey team. He has had a long career in teaching physical education and coaching sport and was the head coach of the New Zealand U16 boys’ field hockey academy. Dennis is the author of Senior School Physical Education: A Course Book for New Zealand Schools (two editions), Teaching Attack and Defence in Team Games: A TGfU Approach (5 reprints) and a CD-ROM Stick2hockey, a TGfU approach to teaching field hockey to novices. He has presented at two international TGfU conferences, was the keynote presenter for the West Zone Physical Education Conference in Singapore (2006) and has presented numerous workshops on TGfU and game sense approaches to game instruction in New Zealand. His research interests include youth and masters sport, the TGfU and game sense methodologies, and physical activity.