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Training and Coaching the Competitive Cyclist Online CE Course

Training and Coaching the Competitive Cyclist Online CE Course

$114.95 CAD

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    Online Course

    Course components are delivered online and include a continuing education exam.

    Join level 2 USA Cycling-certified cycling coach Tyrone Holmes as he discusses all types of bike racing as well as cycling licensure and considerations for choosing bikes and equipment. Training and Coaching the Competitive Cyclist Online CE Course addresses coaching techniques for critical cycling skills, assessment of cycling fitness, principles of training program design, and nutrition and hydration while on and off the bike. Plus, 20 high-impact cycling workouts will get you started on the road to success.

    Course Objectives
    • Describe the roles and skills of a cycling coach.
    • Outline the five major racing disciplines: road, mountain bike, track, cyclocross, and BMX.
    • Describe the certification processes for cycling licensure and cycling coach.
    • Counsel cyclists to make decisions on equipment that will maximize their race performance while minimizing cost.
    • Identify the specific skills athletes need to be stronger, faster, and safer cyclists.
    • Evaluate your cyclists’ fitness and assess their performance on a long-term basis.
    • Describe and apply the five heart rate training zones.
    • Describe the six physiological training principles.
    • Describe the three elements of cycling performance.
    • Describe the four principles of developing a training program.
    • Use 20 high-impact cycling workouts to develop periodized training programs for clients.
    • Provide specific recommendations on nutrition and hydration that will improve cycling performance.


    A continuing education course for personal trainers or other fitness instructors working with competitive cyclists.

    About the Author

    Tyrone A. Holmes, EdD, CPT, is an author, speaker, coach, and consultant. He received his bachelor’s degree in rehabilitation education and master’s degree in counselor education from Pennsylvania State University. He received a second master’s degree in management from the State University of New York before entering the counselor education doctoral program at Penn State. He is certified as a personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise and as a level 2 (expert) cycling coach through USA Cycling. He is a competitive cyclist who rides thousands of miles every year and competes in dozens of races and events from 10 to 100 miles.

    Through his seminars, webinars, and coaching activities, Holmes helps his clients build successful speaking, coaching, and consulting businesses. His most popular programs are How to Build a Six-Figure Business, Building Your Brand, The ABCs of Pricing, and Blog Your Way to Business. He also facilitates programs for athletes such as Increasing Power on the Bike, Nutrition for Health and Performance, and Developing Periodized Training Programs. He offers two coaching programs: Cycle-Max Coaching, which helps cyclists and triathletes improve their performance on the bike, and Lifestyle Coaching, which helps people lose weight and develop healthier lifestyles. His first book, Training and Coaching the Competitive Cyclist, was published by DSWFitness in 2010.


    "I cycle myself, and this course gave me another perspective of how to train other cyclists. I will apply this to my own workouts as well as to clients’ and friends’ workouts."

    A. Bix—Kentwood, MI

    "Nice offering of technical information such as gearing combinations and calculating pace. I will use the information when I coach Wounded Warriors (Marines)."

    K. Parsons—Carlsbad, CA

    "Added support of my own knowledge and new information that I can use with various charts to develop training programs."

    J. Dondero—White Plains, NY