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Sports Rules Book 3rd Edition eBook , The

Sports Rules Book 3rd Edition eBook , The

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    From alpine skiing to wrestling, and all sports in between, The Sports Rules Book is an all-inclusive resource covering 54 sports.

    Quickly glean information on each sport’s origin and history, basic procedures, terminology, equipment, competitive playing areas, scoring systems, player positions and primary features, common rule violations and their consequences, and, where applicable, officials’ signals.

    The Sports Rules Book is your guide to understanding all the athletic activities we compete in and enjoy.


    Measurement Conversions

    Chapter 1. Alpine Skiing
    Chapter 2. Archery
    Chapter 3. Australian Football
    Chapter 4. Badminton
    Chapter 5. Baseball
    Chapter 6. Basketball
    Chapter 7. BMX Racing
    Chapter 8. Bowling
    Chapter 9. Boxing
    Chapter 10. Canoeing and Kayaking
    Chapter 11. Cheerleading
    Chapter 12. Cricket
    Chapter 13. Cross Country
    Chapter 14. Cross-Country Skiing
    Chapter 15. Curling
    Chapter 16. Cycling
    Chapter 17. Equestrian
    Chapter 18. Fencing
    Chapter 19. Field Hockey
    Chapter 20. Figure Skating
    Chapter 21. Football
    Chapter 22. Golf
    Chapter 23. Gymnastics
    Chapter 24. Handball
    Chapter 25. Ice Hockey
    Chapter 26. Judo
    Chapter 27. Jujitsu
    Chapter 28. Karate
    Chapter 29. Lacrosse
    Chapter 30.Netball
    Chapter 31. Racquetball
    Chapter 32. Rowing
    Chapter 33. Rugby Union
    Chapter 34. Shooting
    Chapter 35. Skateboarding
    Chapter 36. Snowboarding
    Chapter 37. Soccer
    Chapter 38. Softball
    Chapter 39. Speed Skating
    Chapter 40. Squash
    Chapter 41. Swimming and Diving
    Chapter 42. Synchronized Swimming
    Chapter 43. Table Tennis
    Chapter 44. Taekwondo
    Chapter 45. Team Handball
    Chapter 46. Tennis
    Chapter 47. Track and Field
    Chapter 48. Triathlon
    Chapter 49. Ultimate
    Chapter 50. Volleyball
    Chapter 51. Water Polo
    Chapter 52. Water Skiing
    Chapter 53. Weightlifting
    Chapter 54. Wrestling