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Souled Out?

Souled Out?

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    Souled Out?

    That’s the question author Shaun Powell poses and ultimately answers with regard to the nature of blacks’ participation in American sports. Neither blacks nor whites—athletes, coaches, administrators, owners, media, parents, and yes, even fans—are without blame for race still being an issue in the athletic arena. And Powell, perhaps like you, is fed up with the excuses.

    Souled Out? boldly addresses the following dilemmas and more:

    • Do today’s black athletes and coaches have the purpose to follow the leads of pioneers like Jackie Robinson, Althea Gibson, Robert Johnson, or Tony Dungy?
    • Is Muhammad Ali’s great legacy being misused to justify the behavior of today’s prima donnas and their preconceived, self-centered celebrations?
    • Why, with tremendous models like Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Venus and Serena Williams, and Candace Parker, is black female participation not more encouraged across a wide array of sports?
    • Are portrayals of professional black athletes, centered on gaining luxury possessions and material wealth rather than giving back to the community, ensuring that a me-first mind-set carries over to the next generation of athletes?
    • Will more blacks break through the glass ceiling in coaching and sports management positions to achieve strong decision-making roles?
    • Can negative attitudes about race, held by segments inside and outside the black community, be overcome so that faster and enduring progress can be made in the future?

    Powell’s answers will surprise, anger, please, and—most of all—challenge you.

    Table of Contents

    Introduction: Setting the Stage
    Chapter 1. Generational-Cultural Differences: Seeking Common Ground
    Chapter 2. Black Athlete Activism: Has the Last Militant Left the Stage?
    Chapter 3. Home Is the City: Metro Dares and Small-Town Stares
    Chapter 4. Academic Divide: Old School, New School, No School
    Chapter 5. Basketball Score: Jumping Through Hoops or Just Growing Up?
    Chapter 6. Baseball Bygones: Going Soft on Hardball
    Chapter 7. Golf Gulf: The Lonesome King of Cablinasia
    Chapter 8. Show Time: Ali Started It, NFL Exhibitionists Ruined It
    Chapter 9. Media Madness: The Price of (Not) Dancing to Their Tune
    Chapter 10. Leadership Positions: Hitting the Cement Ceiling
    Chapter 11. The Feminine Side: You Go, Girl, But How Far?
    Chapter 12. Natural Athleticism: Where Science Ends and Bias Begins
    Closing: Solutions Start at Home
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    About the Author

    About the Author

    Shaun Powell is currently a sports-writer for Previously, he worked as a columnist at Newsday in New York for over 15 years. Powell is a distinguished writer and has been honored by the Associated Press Sports Editors, the New York Associated Press, the New York Deadline Club, the Basketball Writers Association, the United States Tennis Writers Association, and the National Association of Black Journalists.


    Powell has worked in various sports-writing capacities at Newsday,Miami Herald, Dallas Times Herald, St. Louis Globe-Democrat, and Washington Post. He was once a regular contributor to The Sporting News. His assignments have taken him to Japan, Australia, South Africa, England, Scotland, Greece, and Italy, among other international sites, to cover a variety of events and sports, including the Olympics, Super Bowl, World Series, Masters, Wimbledon, NBA Finals, NCAA championships, and world championship boxing matches. He has appeared numerous times on local and national broadcast outlets, including CNN, ESPN TV and radio, the Madison Square Garden Network, MSNBC, ABC sports radio, WFAN, One-On-One Sports radio, and the Metro Channel’s Game Face Show.


    Powell currently resides in Atlanta. He was born in Pittsburgh in 1960 and earned a journalism degree from HowardUniversity in 1983. He and his wife have a daughter.




    "Souled Out? is absolutely must reading for anyone sincerely interested in developments at the interface of race, sport and society. In this regard, the book clearly portrays where we are as a society and where we are headed as a nation relative to these issues."

    Harry Edwards, PhD
    Sports Sociologist, Professor Emeritus
    Department of Sociology
    University of California Berkeley

    "Souled Out? is a joy to read. Shaun Powell is the right man at the right time on the right topic—race, sport, and society."

    Rick Telander
    Columnist, Chicago Sun-Times
    Author, Heaven Is A Playground

    "Here is what you get with Shaun Powell: thoughtful, considerate, provocative, original commentary. Souled Out? is classic Shaun Powell. He tells us where we came from, where we are today and where we are headed in his unique, straightforward ‘dare I say so' way."

    Jerry Reese
    General Manager, New York Giants

    "Shaun has a way of reaching parts of your brain that previously went untapped. You read Souled Out? and you will see."

    Terence Moore
    Columnist, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    "Shaun Powell speaks the truth about how people felt on pivotal topics -- but didn't want to say themselves. This book will get you to think."

    Curtis Symonds
    Chief Operating Officer, Washington Mystics
    Former executive at Black Entertainment Television (BET)