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Recreation Theory eBook

Recreation Theory eBook

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    Recreation Theory is a custom eBook combining chapters from three of Human Kinetics’ top-selling recreation textbooks: Introduction to Recreation and Leisure, Second Edition, Inclusive Recreation, and Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation.


    An undergraduate textbook for students pursuing careers in recreation, parks, leisure, or tourism.

    Table of Contents

    Part I Introduction to Recreation and Leisure, Second Edition

    Chapter 1 Power, Promise, Potential, and Possibilities of Parks, Recreation, and Leisure
    Ellen O’Sullivan
    Chapter 4 Leisure and Recreation for Individuals in Society
    Daniel G. Yoder and Juan Tortosa Martinez
    Chapter 5 Leisure Service Delivery Systems
    David N. Emanuelson
    Chapter 12 Leisure and Recreation Across the Life Span
    Lynn A. Barnett and Joel A. Blanco
    Chapter 13 Program Delivery System
    Diane C. Blankenship
    Chapter 14 Recreational Sport Management
    Craig M. Ross and H. Joey Gray
    Chapter 15 Health, Wellness, and Quality of Life
    Terrance Robertson, Matthew Symonds, Michael Muehlenbein, and Clifford Robertson

    Part II Inclusive Recreation: Programs and Services for Diverse Populations

    Chapter 1 Introduction to Inclusion
    Jody H. Hironaka-Juteau and Tracey Crawford
    Chapter 4 Inclusion Concepts, Processes, and Models
    Terry Long and Terry Robertson
    Chapter 6 Providing Leisure Services for Diverse Populations
    Monika Stodolska

    Part III: Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation

    Chapter 1 Considering Therapeutic Recreation as Your Profession
    Terry Robertson and Terry Long
    Chapter 4 Person-First Philosophy in Therapeutic Recreation
    Mary Ann Devine
    Chapter 6 The Therapeutic Recreation Process
    Terry Long
    Chapter 11 Youth Development and Therapeutic Recreation
    Sydney L. Sklar and Cari E. Autry
    Chapter 13 Wellness Through Physical Activity
    Sheila Swann-Guerrero and Chris Mackey