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Premier Soccer eBook

Premier Soccer eBook

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    Master the essentials for winning soccer from one of the game’s most successful coaches. In Premier Soccer, Michael Parker, the wins leader among active NCAA Division I men’s soccer coaches, teaches every key technique and tactic, with accompanying drills and special tips for executing them when the match is on the line.

    Premier Soccer tackles the skills and traits necessary for each position on the field, both offensively and defensively, as well as systems, set plays, restarts, and practice drills. With an emphasis on player development, on-field awareness, conditioning, and team play, Parker reveals his proven approach to team and player success.

    Whether you are a player or coach, this is your guide to consistent and winning play at every level of competition.


    Chapter 1. Winning Attitude
    Chapter 2. Roles of Players and Coaches
    Chapter 3. Attacking Skills and Tactics
    Chapter 4. Defending Skills and Tactics
    Chapter 5. Systems of Play
    Chapter 6. Set Plays and Restarts
    Chapter 7. Physical Conditioning and Nutrition
    Chapter 8. Practice Sessions
    Chapter 9. Matches

    Sample Content

       Sample Pages: Systems of PlaySample Pages: Systems of Play