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Precision Pool 2nd Edition eBook

Precision Pool 2nd Edition eBook

$27.95 CAD

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    Sharpen your strategy and shot-making skills! Whether it’s eight ball, nine ball, straight pool, or one pocket, Precision Pool will reveal the secrets the pros know in this attractive full-color offering.

    Authors Gerry “The Ghost” Kanov and Shari “The Shark” Stauch leave nothing to chance, sharing the wealth of experience they gained from coaching or competing against virtually every top professional player. The result—Precision Pool—is simply the most comprehensive and useful book ever written on pool.

    This updated second edition includes the following:
    • Grips
    • Vision and aim
    • Power breaks
    • Bank shots
    • Combinations
    • English
    • Safeties
    • Practice plans
    • Match strategies
    • 200 full-color diagrams of critical shots, common patterns, and trick shots

    Whether you are a weekend player or seasoned professional, if you are serious about improving your game, Precision Pool is your best shot.


    Chapter 1. The Shooter’s Checklist
    Chapter 2. Aim and Vision
    Chapter 3. Cue Ball Control
    Chapter 4. Game Breaks
    Chapter 5. Critical Shots
    Chapter 6. Rules of Pattern Play
    Chapter 7. Playing with Patterns
    Chapter 8. Safety Play
    Chapter 9. Which Way to the Win
    Chapter 10. Match Strategy and Tactics
    Chapter 11. Mind-Body Toughness
    Chapter 12. Practice Made Fun!

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    Interview With Shari Stauch

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